Home Eat & Drink Viraj & His Familys Economical Trip To Dubai Turned Into A Lavish Experience With Pleasant Surprises!

Viraj & His Familys Economical Trip To Dubai Turned Into A Lavish Experience With Pleasant Surprises!

Viraj & His Familys Economical Trip To Dubai Turned Into A Lavish Experience With Pleasant Surprises!

With a will to let his parents wits the dazzling Middle East, he booked a 3 nights 4 days Dubai tour package from TravelTriangle that included his accommodation, sightseeing, and a whole lot of fun activities!

Trip type: A family trip to the Emirates
Duration: 3 night 4 days
Budget: INR 89,400/- (land package)
Destination: Dubai
Inclusions: Accommodation, meals (breakfast), sightseeing

I was sitting idly in office when I happened to come wideness pictures of Dubai on the internet, and I was stunned! I had never imagined that this part of the world was so beautiful. At once, I was struck with a desire to explore this fascinating Emirate withal with my family. Though I had unchangingly booked tour packages from other portals, I decided to go superiority with TravelTriangle this time, a rather flourishing travel marketplace that my friend suggested to me without his successful trip with the same platform.

I sent in a trip query on their website and immediately got a undeniability back from their representative Areeb, who elaborately explained the unshortened trip plan and made plane the slightest of my doubts disappear. The next thing I knew, I had 4 variegated teachers quoting 4 variegated itineraries for my trip, out of which I decided to go superiority with Booking Squad travel agency as their well planned itinerary was exactly how I wanted my trip to be. I told the wage-earner from Booking Squad well-nigh my upkeep constraints and he made sure he crafted my unshortened trip keeping this in mind while moreover ensuring I enjoy the weightier of experiences on my vacation in Dubai. In wing to that, he swiftly incorporated all changes and customisations I demanded him to make plane if they came at the most random times!

Once the smooth booking formalities were met and the payment was through, we packed in our summer wear and topside our flight for Dubai, the Pearl of Gulf!

Day 1: Sailing through the shimmering skyscrapers of Dubai on a lavish Dhow Cruise

Dining at a restaurant in Dubai

Our flight landed in Dubai at 2 pm, post which we were dropped off to our hotel. Fortune Pearl Hotel, versus what we saw in pictures, was a archetype example of luxury. The hotel is equipped with fully furnished rooms with the most lavish arrangements, 2 restaurants serving some of the finest cuisines, 4 bars, and a pool. Besides this, some tony malls and the Deira Gold Market are at a walking loftiness from here, which was like a cherry on the cake! Without some shopping, we had a succulent lunch at a Pakistani restaurant and then we returned to our hotel at well-nigh 4 pm. At 6, we topside our Sit-In-Coach for the Dhow Cruise.

Sailing on a shining Dhow Trip

Decorated with a zillion twinkling lights, the traditional Dhow Trip is a mannerly wits to start the Dubai tour with. Aboard the cruise, we witnessed various cultural performances and had a lavish dinner on their unshut air deck while the trip sailed over the Dubai Creek river and through shimmering cityscapes. Apart from the traffic-stopping performances and sumptuous fare, we moreover enjoyed the downright grand treatment we were given by the hospitable staff onboard. Once the trip ride was over, flipside mentor dropped us when at our hotel at well-nigh 10 pm.

Day 2: Checking out Dubai’s stunning attractions and driving over the fierce, untamable Arabian desert

the stunning Jumeirah Mosque

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Post breakfast, we were to workbench flipside mentor for the Dubai municipality tour. Since we wanted a smaller, private mentor or taxi for ourselves, we conveyed our requirements to the agent. To our utter delight, what turned up to pick us was a handsome little Hummer! My parents were veritably thrilled as we all got to travel all the way from Deira Dubai to Bur Dubai in such a lavish vehicle of our own! Our municipality tour commenced at 1 pm and we were first taken through the Al Fahidi Fort, the oldest towers in Dubai and a prominent symbol of power. Among other attractions, the Fort houses the popular Dubai Museum, an elaborate gallery showcasing the life and history of Arabia.

Standing surpassing the grand Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai

Next we visited the Jumeirah Waterfront and were enthralled by its beauty. Spotlessly clean, the waterfront was way largest than what we have in destinations when home like Goa. And right where the golden sands met the strikingly ultramarine seas beyond, was the architectural wonder- Burj Al Arab hotel. Without clicking many pictures here and enjoying the eyeful of the unshortened landscape to our heart’s content, we proceeded to Palm Island. A man-made island created in the shape of a palm, the Palm Island is a treat to the vision from every wile and looked way largest in reality than it did in the pictures! We clicked several pictures at the marvelous Atlantis Hotel surpassing returning to the mainland at virtually 2 pm.

Standing in the vast, golden Arabian desert for our Desert Safari tour

At 3:30 pm we were picked for the Desert Safari tour. The suburbanite of our land cruiser was spanking-new at the wheel and extremely skillful. He crush us virtually various attractions on the desert with ease surpassing getting us to safari camp. We had tea and snacks and then proceeded with the first activity- Dune Bashing. Versus our fears and skepticisms, it turned out to be an utterly exhilarating and crazy experience, something that I failed to find in India. At a point during the worriedness where we got stuck in the sand, the mix of fear and stimulation we encountered was unbearable to get our adrenaline pumping. And to my surprise, plane my mom had a huge smile on her squatter throughout the unshortened gig. A trip to Dubai is an wool must for everyone purely for this one experience!

Enjoying the Desert Safari tour

Apart from dune bashing, people were moreover engaging in activities like camel safari, smoking sheesha, taking pictures with eagles perched on their arms, and quad biking. Later, we were escorted to a zany zone where we enjoyed a luxurious picnic dinner with a fine selection of Arabic cuisine. The wattle was highly laudable and the supplies too tasted excellent. While dining, we moreover enjoyed various cultural performances like the Tanura Dance, Fire Show, and Belly Dance. Without making some heady memories on the Sahara Desert, we were dropped off at our hotel at 10:30 pm in a jeep.

Day 3: Wandering in gleaming white mosques and riding ferraris in Abu Dhabi

Standing under the eminence of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque

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We had a hearty breakfast and proceeded for the municipality tour of Abu Dhabi at 9 am in a Sit-In-Coach. Upon reaching Abu Dhabi, we were first taken to the Date Market that had the weightier quality dates I had overly tasted! Without purchasing an enormous stock of dates and Arabic coffee, we proceeded to the municipality and commenced our tour. We first went to the Emirates Palace, a true masterpiece showcasing Arabian culture, and then to the picture-perfect Sheikh Palace, the house of the ruler of Abu Dhabi. Later, we visited the most wondrous witchery studded like a pearl on the landscape of Abu Dhabi- the Sheikh Zayed Mosque.

Checking out the jaw dropping tracery of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque

One needs to dress decently (loose fitting, knee length suit with stovepipe and throne covered) while visiting this mosque, expressly ladies, or you won’t be unliable to enter. When I realised this I was thankful my mother was wearing a salwar kameez! Sheikh zayed mosque is a remarkable nonpareil of luxury with an impressive tousle of warmed-over and modern Arabic architecture. It’s scenic, pearl white outlay is sure to steal your heart, and the interiors, are plane increasingly beautiful. The three main solid gold chandeliers it houses are the largest in the world, withal with the single, seamless carpet woven with into wondrous designs and patterns. Without spending some time inside this marvel, we had a succulent Indian meal at a nearby Indian restaurant and then moved inside Ferrari World for which our guide had given us passes.

Riding ferraris and rides at Ferrari World

I had not wanted to include Ferrari World at the time of booking the trip as I felt my parents wouldn’t be worldly-wise to enjoy something like this. But since the tour wage-earner insisted, I went superiority with it, only to realise later that he was veritably right. My parents were ecstatic! With their wide range of attractions, rides, and live acrobatic shows, we were spoilt for choice. We surely wouldn’t have wanted to miss something so enlivening on our holiday in Dubai. At well-nigh 6:30 pm we were when at the bus stop where our bus awaited us. Halfway when to our hotel, we met our relatives who took us an spanking-new place for dinner. Post that we came when to our hotel and retired for the night.

Day 4: Witnessing a hypnotising fountain show & gazing at glistening cityscapes from the top of the world’s tallest building

spending some time inside the Dubai Mall

We spent the day packing and resting as we were to leave this night. In the evening we went to Dubai Mall. The mall is extraordinarily massive and has scrutinizingly one could possibly buy in terms of fashion, gadgets, food, & more. Since we didn’t want to purchase anything, we moved straight to the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo that it houses. Contrary to the rest of the mall, this place has an entirely different, otherworldly finger to it, unlike any other aquarium we had overly seen. Walking surrounded and looking at queer, colourful species of the world under water was simply amazing.

Chekcing out increasingly nearby Dubai attractions

Then we went outside to witness the Musical Fountain, which was flipside mind self-glorification experience. We stayed there for well-nigh 15 minutes withal with the huge prod present there of travelers belonging to variegated nations simply gazing at the wonderful exhibit surpassing us. Later, we went over to the 124th floor of the Burj khalifa. The 360 stratum bird’s eye views of municipality from this height was overwhelming. And soon enough, flipside round of the Musical Fountain show had started, so we got to enjoy its well-ventilated view withal with watching all its mechanisms working underwater.

Witnessing superstitious cityscapes from atop the Burj Khalifa

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Once we got into the lift to return to the ground, some European travelers mistook us to be a part of their group and instead took us with them to the 148th floor. It was, however, increasingly of an opportunity for us than a ‘misunderstanding’, as we now got to view the municipality from the 148th floor! Once we were down, laughing yonder well-nigh our pleasant little ‘accident’, we found our relatives waiting for us. We had dinner with them surpassing stuff dropped off to the airport, from where we topside our flight when home.

Cherishing the moments spent on the Dubai tour

Dubai had delightful surprises for us at every turn, and we cherished each moment we spent in this most trappy land. I hope to return there soon and explore increasingly that the Middle East has to offer!

What I loved: The hotel; Jumeirah Beach, Deira Market, dune bashing and picnic dinner during Desert Safari tour; Ferrari World; Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Dubai Aquarium, and our time up at Burj Khalifa.

What I didn’t love as much: Nothing as such.

Tips for future travelers: Make sure to siphon water with you everywhere you go, the heat can be merciless.

Still just deciding whether or not to make Dubai your next holiday destination? Cast your dilemmas whispered and pick from our range of Dubai tour packages to enjoy a promising vacation in the Middle East.

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