Dubai Diaries: In Search of the Galawti Kebab and Nihari in Dubai

Dubai Diaries: In Search of the Galawti Kebab and Nihari in Dubai

In Indian culinary circles the debate is still open: what is the gastronomic capital of India? Is it Delhi's melting pot that encompasses all cuisines and claims to have the best street food in the country (a boast that Calcutta, which loves its spring rolls and jhal muri, can vehemently refute)? Or will it be Mumbai, completely modern and futuristic...Read in Eat & Drink

From huge shopping malls to dazzling skyscrapers, the emirate of Dubai has come a long way since its humble shopping mall beginnings. The architectural wonders of the city are considered

Dubai: the capital of the United Arab Emirates is rightly considered the most luxurious city in the Persian Gulf. It offers a brilliant skyline, exotic nightlife and incredibly rich experiences,

Dubai is among the most incredible honeymoon destinations in the world, where couples can indulge in elegance and explore new attractions together. A honeymoon in Dubai for newlyweds is ideal

Mary Joseph is the guest author of this article on solo travel to Dubai. Get safety tips, find out what clothes are suitable, and what's best to do when traveling


Dubai, the shining jewel of the Middle East, was a magnet for travelers looking for a unique combination of luxury and modernity. British tourists have developed a special affinity for

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