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Dubai Itinerary: What To Do In Dubai For A Week?

Dubai Itinerary: What To Do In Dubai For A Week?

We provide a suggested seven-day itinerary for Dubai in this guide. Since this is roughly the bare minimum of time required to explore the majority of Dubai's must-see locations, plan a day trip to Abu Dhabi (a must!), and maintain a somewhat laid-back and pleasurable pace of travel.

A whole week in Dubai! It resembles a little glimpse of heaven. No, we're not getting dewy-peered toward and heartfelt over nothing here. Seven days in Dubai is seven days in the most stylish breathtaking rich individual's extravagance capital of the center east.

It's a city of overabundances - you can see it in the shopping centers, in the hotels, in the amusement leaves, in the vehicles individuals drive, and in the city. Dubai is likewise a city of culture, as you can see from the conventional souks, the secret old back streets, the staggering desert, and exhibition halls. At the point when you submerge yourself in Emirati culture and the extravagance of Dubai, you'll get to understand that 7 days truly aren't sufficient to partake in this staggering city without limit.

Day 1 Itinerary: Get Ready for a Culture Fest

Day 1 Itinerary: Get Ready for a Culture Fest

What better method for starting your Dubai Itinerary than by getting to realize the city's way of life by visiting a few verifiable pieces of Dubai?

Explore the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood:

This is the most seasoned locale in Dubai, complete with extremely restricted, cobblestoned rear entryways and old houses worked out of dark coral. The houses here date back to a long time and then some. Thus, the back streets get together in unexpected squares where you'll track down lovely little bistros and workmanship exhibitions.

Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding:

Here you'll be brought profound into the historical backdrop of the locale, which comprised of fishing, pearl jumping, exchanging and warding off the English and different trespassers. Likewise, you can partake in a wonderful full Emirati lunch at the Social Place while finding out about the practices of the Unified Middle Easterner Emirates.

Explore Deira and Bur Dubai:

Both Bramble Dubai and Deira are market regions, with numerous souqs selling flavors, materials, gold and rugs. Bartering is the best approach, so go ahead and wrangle. Make certain to take a selfie before the greatest ring on the planet at Deira. Both Bramble Dubai and Deira have numerous brilliant bistros and restaurants, so make certain to evaluate some nearby food!

Visit the Heritage Village:

Near the mouth of the Dubai Rivulet, close to the Sheik Saeed House is the Legacy and Jumping Town. Here you can find out about Dubai's pearl-jumping, fishing and sea customs.

Visit the Dubai Museum:

Dubai's most established enduring structure is the Al Fahidi Post which currently houses the Dubai Exhibition hall. Here you can find out about Dubai's way of life, history, and customs.

Visit Heritage Areas:

The home of Dubai's previous ruler offers a genuine illustration of nineteenth century Inlet structural style. Besides, you can look at various photos of Dubai from the before-oil-hit days. Look at the Al-Ahmadiya School, where you can grasp the historical backdrop of training in Dubai. Spare a couple of moments to notice the 1910-fabricated Receptacle Lootah Mosque before the school.

Day 2 Itinerary: Bus Tour & Desert Safari

Morning- Hop-on-Hop-off Big Bus Tour:

Go through the day on board a two layer, open-top transport investigating Dubai's different milestones. You can bounce off at whatever point you need and investigate attractions by walking. The large transport visit accompanies a sound editorial in a few dialects in addition to a locally available aide offering clever tales and pieces of history.

This transport will take you to well known destinations like Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Marina, and the Palm Jumeirah. You'll view that as there's such a huge amount to find in Dubai, there'll be no doubt with regards to what to do in dubai for a week. Find jump on-bounce off transport tickets here.

Evening – Desert Safari:

Prepare for an impressive desert safari in Dubai at night. The extensive hills of the Middle Eastern Desert look for you with fun games, for example, ridge slamming, quad trekking, camel riding, and sandboarding. Take areas of strength for an on your shisha pipe as you partake in some fine social diversion - hip twirling, tanura moving, and henna inking! An incredible Emirati supper follows. On the off chance that you pursue the short-term safari, you can really go through the night under the stars.

Day 3 Itinerary: Culture & Entertainment

Day 3 Itinerary: Culture & Entertainment

Morning – Jumeirah Mosque:

Perhaps of Dubai's most famous milestone, the Jumeirah Mosque permits individuals, everything being equal, to enter. The mosque can hold 1,200 admirers. It is worked out of white stone, with two gigantic minarets encasing a focal vault in the middle age Fatimid custom. Make certain to take photos of the mosque when it's illuminated around evening time. Partake in a touch of light eating at the Lime Tree Bistro, on the Jumeirah Ocean side Street.

Day 4 Itinerary: Ski Dubai and Dhow Cruise

Morning and Afternoon – Ski Dubai:

Abandon the hot city and enter the cool environs of the world's biggest indoor ski resort. Trade your light dress for a warm winter coat and gloves. Ski Dubai has various ski slants to suit each expertise level. On the off chance that you're a fledgling, you can take skiing illustrations here! On the off chance that skiing isn't your thing, then, at that point, you can snowboard, sled, construct a snowman in the enormous snow park or play with the well disposed penguins in the Penguin Park.

Evening – Dhow Cruise:

Pursue a journey on a delightfully revamped variant of Dubai's conventional exchanging vessel, the dhow. As you voyage Dubai's waters, you can partake in the splendid lights of the city considered the water. lets know about the what to do in dubai for a week. Partake in a brilliant Emirati supper ready, joined by hip twirling, tanura moving and henna inking.

Day 5 Itinerary: Height & Luxury

Morning: Burj Khalifa:

Now is the ideal time to have the world under your feet. However, make certain to book your ticket ahead of time. Partake in the splendid perspective on the city from the observatory deck on the 125th floor. You can see far into the distance past the desert and the ocean. Utilize one of the telescopes along the deck to zero in on unambiguous milestones. Try not to miss looking at the Dubai Wellspring at the foundation of Burj Khalifa in the artificial lake inside the Midtown Dubai advancement. This is the world's tallest performing wellspring and goes off from 5:4pm - 11:30 pm.

Afternoon and Evening – Shopping:

Investigate the Dubai Shopping center, its delightful anteroom, the Gold ATM, its 1200+ retail locations and its different attractions. The Dubai Shopping center houses a larger number of shocks than you at any point envisioned, including the remarkable Computer generated Simulation Park.

Day 6 Itinerary: Beach Day and Burj al Arab

Day 6 Itinerary: Beach Day and Burj al Arab

Morning and Afternoon – Beach:

Go out to Jumeirah Ocean side, from where you can partake in a phenomenal perspective on the Burj al Bedouin. This ocean side offers incredible conveniences. You can lease gear for surfing, swimming, and other water sports. Look at the food trucks that sell cool beverages, bites, and speedy hot dinners. You can likewise take a stab at strolling along the Jumeirah Ocean side Home, where you can pop on The Walk, a touristic promenade.

Evening – SkyView at the Burj al Arab:

Now is the right time to give recognition to one of Dubai's significant symbols - the Burj al Middle Easterner. Partake in a mixed drink at the SkyView Bar, from where you can partake in a splendid nightfall. Make certain to save your table ahead of time.


That is our Itinerary for 7 days in Dubai for you. Obviously, you can move things around and add things that you need. On the off chance that you can blindly go for it, visit Dubai Stops and Resorts, the Dubai Wonder Nursery, Love Lake, Dubai Nursery Sparkle, Worldwide Town and other well known attractions.

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