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Dubai Trip From Bangalore: Akshay Tells How To Enjoy It Like A Pro

Dubai Trip From Bangalore: Akshay Tells How To Enjoy It Like A Pro

Dubai is one of the most sensational places to visit in the world. Every year, it adds something to the list of the contributions of mankind to this planet. It offers no-go attractions that will leave your jaw dropped! It is moreover pro in providing vita that will wrack-up your mind. This is the reason why travelers in big number travel to Dubai and moreover what made Akshay to visit this uncommonly wondrous city.

I wanted to go on a trip since a long time and Dubai came to my mind. I had heard well-nigh the various no-go experiences it offers and wanted to have those experiences in real life. So, I decided to plan a vacation in Dubai and got my friend along. I had one of the most wondrous trips and here are its details!

Details Of Our Dubai Trip From Bangalore

Trip Type: Family
Cost: INR 27500 – INR 37500
No Of People: 2
Duration: 5 Days
Inclusions: Breakfast, Dinner, Airport transfer, Cab for sightseeing,
Exclusions: Lunch, Private cabs

Itinerary Of Our Dubai Tour Plan For 5 Days

Day 1: Arrival in Dubai
Day 2: Dubai sightseeing
Day 3: Scuba diving tour
Day 4: Abu Dhabi municipality tour
Day 5: Departure

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Weather In Dubai In July

Though the best season to visit Dubai is winter, that is, the months of November to April, it can be visited in the month of July as well. Usually, during the month of July, the weather in Dubai is hot. The temperature ranges between 41 stratum celsius to 20 stratum celsius. The climate in Dubai is usually hot so you should alimony that in mind while planning your Dubai holiday.

Best Experiences Of Our Dubai Trip From Bangalore

1. An Exciting Dinner On Cruise

ready to explore Dubai

cruise view

On the first day of our Dubai trip from Bangalore, we first of all rejoiced over the fact that we were in Dubai which is one of the most wondrous destinations in the world. In the evening, we were excited to indulge in a trip dinner which is a very refreshing experience. On the cruise, we were entertained by shows and a succulent dinner.

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2. A Visit To The Mighty Burj Khalifa

visit to the unconfined Burj Khalifa

view from the top of the building

The much awaited visit to the unconfined Burj Khalifa was entitled to the second day our Dubai tour plan for 5 days. Witnessing the skyscrapers was one of the most spellbinding experiences of our lives. Dubai is filled with huge shopping malls, world-class buildings, and increasingly that will mesmerize any traveler. Finally we visited Burj Khalifa and clicked a lot of pictures.

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3. Diving Into The Beauty Of Dubai Waters

visting mosque was an wondrous experience

got to see the ferrari model

went for desert safari

an wondrous wits in desert safari

enjoying the programme in desert safari

The third day of our trip included a scuba diving tour and we were really excited to go diving . The worriedness was to be washed-up in the well-spoken waters of Fujairah. Firstly, we were given an hour lesson of how to swoop and then finally we went underwater. The wits was breathtaking. The marine life of Dubai is remarkable and it left us mesmerized like never before. In the evening, we went for desert safari which is one of the most thrilling activities to indulge in. We were literally rocking and rolling on the sand dunes of Dubai.

4. Marveling At The Beauty Of Abu Dhabi

went for the sightseeing of Dubai

view of Burj al arab

view of the Dubai skycraper's building

Dubai museum

Abu Dhabi has a recreate of its own that will rivet you no matter what. There are many superstitious attractions to witness in the city. For us, the weightier one was a visit to the mosque that is very beautiful. Apart from that, we visited the world matriculation malls, did a lot of shopping and enjoyed the views of the skyscrapers.

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Places To Stay In Dubai

During our Dubai trip from Bangalore, we stayed in Citymax hotel in Bur, Dubai. The hotel was nice and we had a well-appointed stay. The hotel offers a rooftop pool, a gym and well-furnished rooms. The rooms were wipe and hygienic. The hotel is located very tropical to Dubai creek as well.

What To Buy In Dubai

Dubai is known for offering gold, gadgets at a good price. It is moreover known for chocolates and camel skinned tons and accessories. We bought a lot of camel milk chocolates. We enjoyed a lot while shopping in Dubai.

Tips For Traveling To Dubai

1. The climate in Dubai is hot, so siphon gown accordingly.

2. Don’t forget to siphon your necessary documents.

3. Alimony your camera with you for capturing moments.

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Akshay’s Dubai trip from Bangalore was a smooth topic that included unlimited fun and visits to some of the most wondrous places in the world. If you moreover want a vacation like this, then plan a Dubai holiday with your family or friends and take help from the experiences of Akshay.

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