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His Honeymoon Helped Him Live His Travel Dream In Dubai, Read This To Find Out What It Was!

His Honeymoon Helped Him Live His Travel Dream In Dubai, Read This To Find Out What It Was!

Dubai is a real life example of a man-made oasis. A destination that wasn’t happy with natural beauty, so it decided to create its own paradise. Live the enthralling worth of Yogesh as he traveled on a honeymoon to Dubai, seeking marvels, luxury, and the trip of a lifetime. Their trip forfeit them a total of INR 1,40,000 which included their flights, transfers, accommodation, sightseeing, and breakfast.

One of my long term wishes was to witness the tallest towers in the world in Dubai. My wife and I well-set on going to Dubai for our honeymoon and with that began the search of an platonic Dubai honeymoon package. A friend recommended TravelTriangle for the same, and hence, I submitted a request on their website.

I liked the concept of having customized itineraries for travelers. I received a undeniability from Zishan, from TravelTriangle who understood my requirements and remoter unfluctuating me to various teachers providing multiple offers for the same itinerary. I selected the weightier deal given to me by ‘Favourite The Holiday Makers’ agency.

It felt unconfined how hands I managed to pack all the things I wanted to do on my honeymoon in one package. The excitement and vaticination of the trip left us with striking out days with enthusiasm.

Day 1: Traditional Arabian cruise

Flying into Dubai

We topside our flight from Bengaluru and arrived in Dubai at 1 pm. The suburbanite was present to receive and momentum us to the suite hotel we had booked. Without checking in, we had lunch and then took a quick afternoon nap.

In the evening, we got ready for the Dhow Cruise and were driven to the trip by 7 pm. The traditional arabian boat, tabbed a Dhow was fantastically lit up and prepared for some traditional music and flit performances. We spent a nice few hours on the wend trip with a dinner at the end of it all. The trip got over at 10pm, without which we returned to the hotel.

Day 2: Mankind’s greatest achievement

Sightseeing in Dubai

The next day without breakfast, we got ready for the Dubai municipality tour. The suburbanite was present to receive us at 9 am for the tour. We began with a quick visit to the palace of the Sheikh of Dubai. It was jaw dropping seeing the eyeful and intricate details of the palace architecture. Followed by which, we visited the Gold Souk and Dubai Fort.

The Dubai municipality tour got over by 1 pm, and we proceeded to a local restaurant for lunch. Without lunch, we rested for a few hours at the apartment. In the evening, we were scheduled to visit Burj Khalifa. We reached the Dubai Mall at 6 pm for some shopping. Afterwards, we walked for five minutes to victorious at the foot of this humongous and trappy tower of steel- Burj Khalifa. My adrenaline was pumping, heart was racing as we climbed up the fastest lift in the world to reach the top of Burj Khalifa.

View from the top of Burj Khalifa

The view from the top was scenic and unforgettable. Oh how I wished I could stay there forever. We returned from visit the Burj Khalifa when to the hotel at 10pm and tabbed it a night.

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Day 3: Dune bashing in Sahara desert

Indulge in some fine shopping

This day, the first half of the day for us was self-ruling so I decided to visit one of my friends during the day for lunch. We indulged in some shopping at the Deira Municipality Center and returned to the hotel by 3 pm. The cab arrived an hour later as we headed for the Desert Safari. It was an incredible wits going off road into the desert in the muscular SUV.

Shortly, we stopped by a desert zany as we watched the sunset and did some camel riding. The zany had serried for some refreshments for us withal with the vitals flit performance. We returned to the hotel at 9 pm and rested for the night.

Day 4: Spectacular Abu Dhabi

The trappy mosque of Abu Dhabi

A visit to dubai would’ve been incomplete without seeing Abu Dhabi. As our cab took us to Abu Dhabi at 9 am, the first sights of the municipality with all it’s wondrous skyscrapers and tracery was stunning.

We started by visiting the luxurious Grand Mosque, which had the world’s biggest carpet. Later, we made a short stop by the Dates market, as UAE is known for the weightier stage fruits in the world. Post lunch, we visited Ferrari World. An yuck park defended to Ferrari is a dream for any car lover like me. Over there, we had our limits tested by daring to ride the world’s fastest rollercoaster.

Also, we saw a presentation of Ferrari became this wonderful trademark which is scrutinizingly 80 years old. We departed at 6.30 pm from Abu Dhabi for the hotel. We reached the hotel at 9 pm and rested for the night.

Day 5: Catching up with family

A day spent relaxing in Dubai

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A self-ruling day gave us an opportunity to pay a visit to some relative we have living here in Dubai. We went to a few malls and gold souk for ownership gold on that day. A relaxed day spent with family as we returned to the hotel in the evening. At night, my wife prepared a lovely dinner for the both of us at our suite kitchen.

Day 6: A day of luxury at Atlantis

Cars in Dubai

The next day we checked out of our comfy suite hotel in Dubai and went to Palm Atlantis for day. We checked into the Atlantis at 1 pm with a whiff of luxury and glamour inside the property. A nice way to wind up our stay in Dubai, by staying in the nonpareil of luxury five star hotels in Dubai.

At 4pm, my wife and I went to the Jumeirah waterfront for a walk. In the evening, we went to visit the wondrous Lost Chambers and underwater aquarium. We had a luxurious storeroom dinner at 10pm and then retired for the night.

Day 7: Farewell Dubai

A lovely sunset at Palm Beach

The next day, we checked out early at 7 am from Atlantis and got dropped at the airport for our flight when to Bengaluru.

What an wondrous ride it was, over this past week in Dubai. From seeing the tallest building, to the biggest carpet, fastest rollercoaster, and what not. Dubai certainly has made it’s own dream destination without any help from mother nature. A magical week for my wife and I as we step into a new phase into our lives with each other.

Stunning race cars in Dubai

High Points:

  • Visiting the top of Burj Khalifa was a moment I’ll forever remember.
  • Going to Ferrari World and riding the fastest rollercoaster.

Low Points:

  • Agent could’ve offered me largest flights with largest timings.

Tips to travelers:

  • Don’t forget to visit Abu Dhabi if you travel to Dubai.

Witness the marvels of Dubai. Book yourself a trip to Dubai and see uncounted possibilities!

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