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Off To The City Of Wonders: Our Couple Trip To Dubai

Off To The City Of Wonders: Our Couple Trip To Dubai

Ah, Dubai! The municipality whilom the clouds, a place that transcends all expectations and transports you to the future. It’s got to be on nearly every travelers list, and increasingly importantly, on every shoppers list. It has moreover got to be one of the weightier tourist hot spots, with plenty to do and experience. I would definitely undeniability it an inclusive holiday destination.

My wife and I had been considering taking a couple trip to Dubai for quite some time now. We browsed through a tuft of packages surpassing we came wideness TravelTriangle. What we found to be in our favor was the fact that we could customize the package to fit our preferences. Well, we were sold! And I have to say it was a unconfined decision, we are when now and couldn’t have had a increasingly memorable time in Dubai. Here are some of the details of our trip!

Details of our couple trip to Dubai

Trip Type: Couple Trip
Cost: INR 75,500
No. Of People: 2
Duration: 6 days 5 Nights
Inclusions: Breakfast, Dinner, Dhow Cruise, Airport Transfer, Sightseeing, Burj Khalifa Tour, Abu Dhabi Tour, Dubai Aquarium, VISA
Exclusions: Lunch, Airfare, Personal Expenses

Experiences Not To Miss On A Couple Trip To Dubai

1. Zooming through the sand dunes!

a tiny demo of Dubai weightier attractions
in the famous mosque
at the famous Dubai mosque

If anyone had overly been to Dubai, they’ve unchangingly raved well-nigh the desert safari. In Fact it is one of the top things to do in Dubai and on every thrill-seekers skillet list! It’s a unconfined wits not just for the kids but for the adults as well. After the dune ride, we throne for a succulent BBQ dinner where we moreover enjoyed some wonderful live performances!

2. Atop the tallest towers in the world!

witnessed the tiny demo of Burj Khalifa
get to see the tiny demo of burj khalifa
Atop the tallest towers in the world
hopping the municipality

From the top of the Burj Khalifa, the world seems so small and far away. The little shops and towers that light up the municipality towards as mere dots forming a picture perfect scenery. My wife and I couldn’t get unbearable of this view! We took lots of pictures and then made our way to the mall for shopping and to pick up some souvenirs for our loved ones when home.

3. A glimpse into the underwater world!

underwater world
Dubai Aquarium
sea creatures
spectacular experience
small fishes in the deep sea

I have been to aquariums before, but never came wideness one as spectacular as the Dubai Aquarium. While most people may skim this off, I would definitely recommend subtracting this to your itinerary. You’ll spot a wide variety of fishes and sea creatures you hadn’t plane heard of before.

4. A peaceful day on the cruise!

on the cruise
captured flipside boat
experienced too many weightier attractions

During our couple trip to Dubai, we wanted to spend an evening on the Dhow Trip which is flipside one of the popular attractions in the city. The view of gleaming skyscrapers is simply enchanting to say the least. The trip itself is beautifully decorated with vibrant lights, creating a wonderful atmosphere. We enjoyed a sumptuous dinner here, captured some unconfined pictures and tabbed it a night.

5. A day spent in the municipality of lights

get ready to explore the abu dhabi
explore the major sights of the city
the major sights of the city
enjoyed a municipality tour
gold shop
the famous highest frame in the world
lightings in whole city
overview of the municipality at night
burj al arab
had an wondrous time on the municipality tour
exploring the frerrari world

After enjoying the stellar municipality of Dubai, we moreover planned on visiting Abu Dhabi for a day. Here, we enjoyed a municipality tour and explore the major sights of the city. Abu Dhabi is so beautifully planned and every towers that meets your eye is sure to rivet you. We made a stop at a mosque and then throne to the famous Ferrari World which was an exquisite wits altogether.

Take a squint at our 6 Day customized itinerary for Dubai

Day 1: Arrival and transfer to hotel
Day 2: Desert safari with BBQ dinner
Day 3: Dubai Municipality Tour
Day 4: Dhow Trip Dinner
Day 5: Abu Dhabi municipality tour and Ferrari World
Day 6: Departure when home

The weightier moment from our trip!

I’ll have to say the desert safari and dhow trip were definitely some of the ‘wow’ moments of our trip. We had a wonderful time and made some unconfined memories!

Our wits with TravelTriangle

Well, what can I say, it was simply amazing. They made a WhatsApp group for us and were constantly in touch to ensure we didn’t squatter any hiccups at all! Kudos to the team for handling all the bookings so smoothly!

Dubai is the municipality of the future. With its spectacular skyscrapers, wonderful malls and trappy beaches, you’ll never run out of things to do in this mesmerizing city. Be it a family trip or a couple trip, you are unpreventable a fun-filled time here. If you too would like to enjoy an exquisite holiday, throne to TravelTriangle and customize your own Dubai package.

Answering your questions!

How much does a vacation in Dubai cost?

Well, that totally depends on your personal preferences regarding accommodations, shopping and travel. We had nearly everything included in our package except for the airfare and 75,000 was increasingly than enough. If you intend on shopping a lot, your expenses will definitely go up.

Is Dubai unscratched for families?

Yes, definitely! Just make sure to stay within the law and read well-nigh the things not to do in Dubai. Untied from that, it is one of the safest places for tourists to visit.

What can I do in Dubai for 6 days?

I would suggest visiting the top tourist attractions first, such as the Burj Khalifa, Palm Dierra, Dubai Aquarium, Desert Safari and Dhow Cruise. If you’re left with time, you should moreover visit some of the major shopping malls which are simply matriculation apart. Also, save a day for Abu Dhabi considering it is definitely worth a visit.

What part of Dubai is weightier to stay in?

If you are increasingly of a party person and want to enjoy the nightlife, then Downtown Dubai is a unconfined place to stay. Whereas if you are looking for a increasingly peaceful and relaxed stay, squint for accommodations near Jumeirah waterfront or Palm Dierra.

What should I buy in Dubai?

We made a few shopping stops and found out that Dubai has a unconfined market for gold jewelry. We moreover bought some for ourselves. Untied from this, pashmina shawls and Persian rugs have a huge market as well.

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