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The popularity of the Best Kebab Restaurant in Dubai

The popularity of the Best Kebab Restaurant in Dubai

Dubai is known for its luxurious lifestyle, magnificent architecture and culinary experiences exceptional. Among the many culinary delights this city has to offer, kebabs hold a special place in the hearts of food lovers. Even if you are a local or a tourist, the city offers many delicious kebab options. Here is a list of some of the best kebab restaurants in Dubai that will definitely leave you wanting to know more.

Kebab Bistro

Kebab Bistro is a popular restaurant chain in Dubai that offers a wide variety of Middle Eastern dishes, including kebabs. The atmosphere of the restaurant is traditional and welcoming, with Arabic music in the background. The menu offers a selection of Dubai's best kebabs, including chicken, lamb and beef, all cooked to perfection. The skewers are served with freshly baked bread, hummus and several dips that complement the flavor of the skewers. Kebab Bistro is a must stop for anyone who wants to try authentic Middle Eastern cuisine.


Shish Shawerma

Shawarma Grill House - Umm Suqeim, Dubai -

Shish Shawerma is a cozy restaurant with soul . in Dubai, specializing in shawarma and kebabs. The restaurant's menu offers a variety of meat dishes, including beef, chicken and lamb, all grilled to perfection. The skewers are served with fresh vegetables, different sauces and homemade bread.

Al Mallah

Al Mallah - Satwa - Dubai Restaurants - Dubai Blog - Mitzie Mee

This restaurant is famous for its shawarma and the best Kebabs in Dubai, prepared with high quality meat and cooked on a charcoal grill. The skewers are served with freshly baked bread and various sauces and condiments. Al Mallah is a popular place among locals and tourists.

Aroos Damas

Aroos Damascus – food | motherhood | human resources | random musings

The menu of this restaurant offers a variety of dishes of meat, especially lamb. ,beef and chicken, all cooked to perfection. The skewers are served with fresh vegetables, pita bread and various sauces.


Nurai – Lizbethology

The best kebab restaurants in Dubai are exceptional, with perfectly prepared dishes such as Wagyu beef kebabs and lamb chops. The skewers are served with various sides, including grilled vegetables and hummus. Nurai's elegant decor and exceptional service make it the ideal location for a special occasion or romantic dinner.


Which meat is best to prepare kebab?

When preparing skewers, the best meat is soft, tasty meat, which resists the heat of the grill or oven without becoming tough or dry. The most popular options include beef, lamb, chicken and pork.

Among these options, lamb is often considered the best option due to its tender texture and with a rich flavor that goes well with the condiments and marinades normally used in the recipes of the best kebab in Dubai. However, personal preferences and dietary restrictions can also play a role in choosing the best meat for kebabs. Therefore, it is always a good idea to experiment and find out what suits you best.


Dubai has a lot to offer when it comes of the best kebab restaurants in Dubai. Whether you're craving traditional Middle Eastern cuisine or a modern take on a classic dish, there's a restaurant in Dubai that has just what you're looking for.

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