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The World Islands: A Detailed Guide For 2023 To This Man-made Marvel In Dubai

The World Islands: A Detailed Guide For 2023 To This Man-made Marvel In Dubai

Dubai has unchangingly been known for its innovation and unconfined ideas, and they unchangingly have something new and interesting to offer to their visitors. One of the top recent attractions in Dubai is The World Islands, a group of man-made islands made to resemble the world map, located just outside the municipality of Dubai. The whole idea was started as a real manor opportunity and later turned into one of the top tourist attractions in the municipality as well. If you are planning to visit Dubai, do typesetting a window seat and watch out for this man-made wonder as you descend into the city. If you’re planning a visit here, we have prepared a list of the vital information you should know surpassing visiting.

What Makes The World Islands Unique?

What makes The World Islands Unique

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The concept in itself is unique, where else will you find a man-made group of islands that are worked in the shape of the world map? There are many hotels and restaurants in the World islands that are luxurious and should definitely not be missed. And, this is perhaps the quickest and cheapest way to get from one continent to another, without having to unquestionably visit them! Where else could you say that you have visited all the 7 continents in one day?

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History Of The World Islands

History of The World Islands

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The idea for The World Islands in Dubai was conceived by the ruler of Dubai, the famous Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Developed by Nakheel Projects, the construction of the islands was taken superintendency of by Van Oord and Boskalis, the same visitor that has synthetic the Palm Jumeirah. The construction of the group of 300 islands began in the year 2003 but had to be put on hold in the year 2008 due to some financial issues. As of today, there are only virtually 2 to 3 of Dubai the world islands that are completely functional and unshut to commercial use, and there has been news that due to the improper foundation, the islands may be sinking when into the water.

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The World Island Tours

You can typesetting a day tour to the Dubai World Islands, either online, or at any of the tour agencies in Dubai. The tour packages include a visit to the Lebanon island, one of the only commercial islands of the island group, and includes wangle to the beaches and hotels of the island.

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Things To Do At The World Islands In Dubai

The World Islands are functional and unshut to the public for commercial use, and here are some of the top things to do on the islands.

  • Enjoy some time by the beach 
  • Unwind by the pool
  • Play a game of volleyball
  • Indulge in watersports
  • Romantic Meal at Toro Blanco
  • Stay at the island
  • Party the night away
  • Celebrate your special events

1. Enjoy Some Time At The Beach

Enjoy some time at the beach

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If you want to visit beaches other than Jumeirah Beach, throne over to the island, and visit one of the two beaches there which are unshut to the public. Sunbathe in the glorious sun, soak your feet in the ocean water, and relax while listening to the wifely lull of the waves. There are moreover shacks and cafes misogynist at the beaches where you can buy some lip-smacking finger supplies and some tasty cocktails.

Location: Lebanon Island, The World Islands, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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2. Unwind By The Pool

Unwind by the Pool

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The holidays are all well-nigh relaxing, and what largest way to unwind than by taking a dip in the pool and enjoying a good typesetting while basking in the sun? Let the children splash virtually in the kiddie pool, while you tomfool lanugo in the pleasant waters of the swimming pool in the islands.

Location: Lebanon Island, The World Islands, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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3. Enjoy A Friendly Game Of Volleyball

Enjoy a friendly game of volleyball

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What are holiday vacations without a little friendly competition? Divide your family into two teams and engage in a friendly game of volleyball! The losers have to buy the winners drinks by the beach!

Location: Lebanon Island, The World Islands, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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4. Indulge In Some Water Sports

Indulge in some water sports_

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The Lebanon island has a wide range of water sports activities to segregate from, such as jet skiing, parasailing, comic boating, and more, and these can be performed by people of all ages. There are moreover wend tours misogynist where you can go deep into the waters and take a squint virtually the other Dubai the world islands.

Location: Lebanon Island, The World Islands, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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5. Enjoy A Romantic Meal At The Toro Blanco

Enjoy a romantic meal at the Toro Blanco

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Toro Blanco is one of the most happening restaurants on the World Islands, and you largest make a reservation surpassing dining at this place. Enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner for two and gloat a special event with your loved one in this unique restaurant.

Location: Lebanon Island, The World Islands, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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6. Stay At The Island

Stay at The Island

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The Island is a hotel in the Lebanon island in Dubai and is the first of the many hotels to come in the island group. Luxurious suavities like a spa service, pool, waterfront access, and fine dining restaurants are misogynist at this hotel, one of the weightier among the World Islands hotels.

Location: Lebanon Island, The World Islands, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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7. Party The Night Away

Party the night away

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Even though Dubai the world islands are just developing, doesn’t midpoint you can’t have a good time there. There are a couple of nightclubs playing some of the hottest tunes, and serving some of the weightier drinks you can find, and setting the perfect undercurrent for you to party until the unravel of dawn! If you are someone who loves to party, don’t miss out on visiting these party clubs on the islands.

Location: Lebanon Island, The World Islands, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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8. Gloat Your Special Events At The Islands

Celebrate your special events at the Islands

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The island takes reservations for some specialised events such as receptions, birthday parties and weddings as well. If you’re searching for a place to have the perfect destination wedding at, this is the place to be, as you’ll have the most unique wedding venue ever! Some of the other events that take place here are fashions shows, seminars and plane ribbon ceremonies!

Location: Lebanon Island, The World Islands, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Tips For The World Islands Dubai

Here are a few things you should alimony in mind if you want to visit World Islands Dubai to stave any hassle or thwarting on your trip.

  • If you are planning for a day visit to Dubai World Islands, the daily wangle wend for families id from 10 AM to 6 PM
  • The evening wangle to the World Islands Dubai is from 6 PM to 11 PM and is for adults only
  • If you want to do a day trip, plan to spend at least 8 hours on the islands
  • The island tour financing virtually INR 8,500 per person and includes wangle to the beach, towels, sunbeds, pool wangle and more.

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You may have heard well-nigh the World Islands sinking, so you largest make sure that you visit them soon surpassing they are no increasingly available! So, plan a visit to Dubai with Travel Triangle and let us turn your dream vacation into a reality!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the World island Dubai finished?

The construction of the World Island Dubai began in 2003. Up until 2013, only two out of 300 islands were complete. The construction of the rest of the islands is underway.

How much are the World Islands in Dubai?

In 2003, the sale of the island ranged between the US $7 million to 1.2 billion. The prices may have hit a bit of a snag in 2008 without the economy crashed in 2008.

Can you visit the World Islands in Dubai?

You can visit Lebanon Island. Tourists are not yet unliable to visit the other islands in the man-made archipelago as the construction is not complete.

Are Dubai islands sinking?

Well, there were rumors well-nigh the World Islands Dubai sinking when into the sea but the ongoing construction and the Lebanon Island stuff unshut to visitors explain otherwise.

Who built the Dubai Islands?

Sheikh Mohammad bin Al Rashid Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, conceived the idea of the World islands. The construction was washed-up by the two Dutch specialist construction companies, Van Oord and Boskalis, the same companies that created Palm Jumeirah.

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