Home News Barbie Movie Is A Hit Among Young Women After Its Release In UAE

Barbie Movie Is A Hit Among Young Women After Its Release In UAE

Barbie Movie Is A Hit Among Young Women After Its Release In UAE

With Margot Robbie as the world's most famous doll and Ryan Gosling as Ken, Barbie has dominated the global box office and has already made history for director Greta Gerwig as the first female director to directing a billion dollar movie.

The Vox cinema in the Mall of the Emirates was packed with Barbie enthusiasts, dressed for the role as pink as possible for the first time to see a show in the country .

And although the spectators lining up for screenings or leaving the cinema came from different backgrounds, they all seemed fascinated by the promise and consequences of the enthusiasm. Barbie's first movie experience.

"The Barbie movie is bigger than Barbie, much bigger than Barbie," says Annapurna Nair, a recent secondary school graduate Barbie Dubai. National.

"The movie is about Barbie, but you could tell it's not always about her. When I saw the publicity tape, I underestimated the movie. I thought it was a typical Barbie movie.

"But now that I've seen it, my point of view has completely changed. They have done everything to change stereotypes."

Jhil Mehtar, another graduate, agrees and thinks the film will also be a rite of passage for many young people from adolescence to adulthood.

Barbie movie approved for release in cinemas across UAE

"Barbie's point of view, the world of Barbie in the movie, is basically what we thought about when we were kids," says Nair. div>

"When Barbie enters the real world, it's like growing up. We hear about the real world, but we haven't experienced it yet. It will be like stepping out of Barbie's world."

The film, co-written by Gerwig, begins with Barbie seemingly living a perfect life, until she experiences an existential crisis and questions the world around her. The story follows her and Ken as they embark on an adventure in the real world as Barbie tries to discover herself and understand her place in her world.

This topic "This film is exactly what we needed right now," said Dubai resident Rhea R., according to Resident.

"Just seeing people tell the truth and the overall message was just wonderful." That's all we want from a single movie. Even though we had to wait so long, it was absolutely worth it. »

Barbie's world premiere was originally scheduled for July 20, but later the film's release date was pushed back to August 31 and then August 10 from the UAE Media Council.

As Barbie explores ideas on how to reach more female law students, Kirti Bhardwaj and Devi Shukla note that the film has managed to convey these points with humor, without lecturing the audience. 

"I was actually quite surprised by the story," says Bhardwaj.

"The meaning of the movie and the plot…it didn't feel like they were slammed in your face, but they still conveyed the message in a very entertaining way."

Shukla agrees and says, "It was silly, ridiculous, but it also seemed like there was a good meaning behind it.

“When I was a child it was like playing with Barbies. It was all very nostalgic and very beautiful to see and experience. »

Even friends studying in the UK agree that it was a pleasant surprise to see this Him, as the film portrays a diverse and evolving group of characters who were essentially meant to be dolls.

"When they made the Barbie cut, you could have a . Seeing Barbie in the hijab was a really nice addition," adds Shukla.

"Few women in the Middle East feel represented [in mainstream culture], so it was nice to see more humble characters and people representing this region."

The Best-Dressed Celebs at the Barbie World Premiere in L.A.

The Muslim Barbie from the film Shukla starred in is referenced and portrayed by the model and creator digital Aminah Ali. She is one of three Muslim women featured in the film, the others being model Khadeejah Khan and life coach and social media personality Fatumina Said Akbar.

“I was so happy during the film that I cried. “It was wonderful because it summed up being a woman,” she says.

“Margot Robbie was perfect for Barbie. She honored Barbie but also showed how insecure she was and the complexity of being a woman."


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