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How Dubai Created Artificial Rain With Cloud Seeding

How Dubai Created Artificial Rain With Cloud Seeding

After artificial rain through drones in Dubai, a new debate has started all over the world. Artificial rain is being seen as an effective weapon in fighting problems like floods, drought, heat and pollution. Although many countries including India have made artificial rain many times, the drone technology used by Dubai to make it rain is special in many ways. Interesting information related to the specialty of this technology and the future of artificial rain are-

Cloud seeding is the basis of artificial rain:

The basis of artificial rain is the process of cloud seeding, which is quite expensive. According to an estimate, the cost of providing one square foot of rain is around Rs 15,000. The Karnataka government in India worked on a cloud seeding project for two years which cost about Rs 89 crore.

Difference between new and old method

1- Traditional Cloud Seeding:

Under this, we spray some chemicals such as silver iodide, potassium iodide and dry ice particles in the atmosphere through helicopters or planes. These particles attract water vapor present in the air and form clouds which cause rain.

2- Modern Drone Cloud Seeding:

Dubai has adopted a new approach for cloud seeding. Under this, the clouds are charged by giving electric current. This technique is considered a green option compared to the traditional method. Under this, cloud seeding is done by using electric charge through battery operated drones to create clouds. This work can also be done through aircraft, but battery operated drones are more environment friendly. The credit for developing this technology goes to the University of Reading, which has been working on this technology since 2017.

It rains within minutes:

Spraying of chemical particles, formation of clouds and then rain, everything is a game of minutes. It usually takes 30 minutes. However, the duration of rain also depends on which surface of the atmosphere the particles have been sprayed.
China kept away from Olympics by clouds:
China used cloud seeding to overcome the threat of rain during the 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing. For this, rockets containing chemicals were fired in the sky so that it rained before the start of the game, so that it would not rain later. Apart from this, China is providing artificial rain in large quantities.


Why artificial rain?

In the UAE city Dubai, the mercury crosses 50 degrees Celsius during summer. In such a situation, not only does normal life become disrupted, but air pollution also increases. Artificial rain can be helpful in providing relief from this problem. Similarly, it can also help in eliminating the possibility of flood and drought.

History of Artificial Rain:

For the first time, cloud seeding was done in America in 1946 to create artificial rain. Artificial rain has been made in many states of India also. The Government of Tamil Nadu worked on it in the years 1983, 1984–87 and 1993–94. Similarly, Karnataka government made artificial rain in 2003-04. Apart from this, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh governments also worked on this. Research on cloud seeding is also going on in IIT-Kanpur, for which HAL provides aircraft.

Future of artificial rain:

From scientists to common people, opinions are divided regarding the future of artificial rain. Some scientists are seeing it as a weapon to deal with floods and drought at some places due to global warming, while many scientists are apprehensive about its side effects. The technology used by Dubai for cloud seeding has also given hope to agricultural countries like India.

Apprehensions regarding artificial rain:

Research regarding artificial rain is still in its initial stages, but various apprehensions are being raised regarding its side effects. According to scientists, it is not right to tamper with the environment by cloud seeding to create artificial rain. This will not only create ecological disparity, but the ocean water may become more acidic. Apart from this, there is a danger of depletion of ozone level and increase in the amount of carbon dioxide. Silver is a poisonous metal, which is harmful to flora and fauna.

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