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How to Bargain a Deal in Dubai Gold Market?

How to Bargain a Deal in Dubai Gold Market?

We are in the Middle East and Dubai is actually a large souk, a traditional Arab market where people buy and sell. So don't be afraid to bargain. but also knowing when to bargain and when not. There is no point in bargaining in a fixed price store.

On the one hand, you are probably not being served by someone who has the power to set a price. . decision. . Most regular shops in Dubai have sellers who have a work visa from their home country. You have no decision-making power.

It makes no sense to bargain in a luxury store like Chanel or Louis Vuitton. As a general rule, if an item in a smart store has an official price, it's probably not a good place to test your negotiation skills. You might end up embarrassing yourself. But if there's no price and you're buying something traditional or local, like a scarf or fabric, try it.

Where Should I bargain?

The Gold Souk is a place to bargain. If you see something you like, they will weigh it in front of you and tell you the asking price. This is where the negotiation begins. It's not just gold you can trade with. You should also dispute the original price listed for a piece of jewelry.

In addition to the Gold Souk, you can visit the Gold and Diamond Park or the Mall Souk at Dubai. These are also places where it is acceptable to haggle.

In addition to gold and precious stones, it is not inappropriate to try to haggle a bit in watch shops as well . the best watch shops. The bargaining process in these stores is different because the seller does not always have the power to make the decision he wants. But he can call the brand manager by phone to find out if it is possible to change the price. But like I said, be careful because price cuts at these stores are not common; this is not recommended.

The place where you can be most sure of a receptive response to your negotiation strategies is in one of the shops that sell traditional oriental products. . How to sell. pashminas. , pillowcases, slippers and jalabiya. Shops that look like illustrated scenes from the Arabian Nights. They are usually priceless and this is the first sign that negotiations are underway.

Fabric stores are also places where we can move. on the price at Meena Bazaar near Dubai Museum and Satwa. Fabrics are a good buy and come in amazing varieties, such as beaded silk. If you buy a lot, negotiate with the man who serves you. Don't leave it until you get to the checkout, because once the price is written on the official receipt, it will not be changed.

Carpet stores are also places where you can expect to get contracted. This can be a time-consuming task and is not an ideal activity if you are tired or suffering from jet lag. So choose the moment.

How to bargain?

The techniques vary depending on the type of business you operate in; I've said before that in a watch shop you need to approach things with caution, and this applies whenever you're not sure whether haggling is appropriate or not. If you are unsure, start with caution and be ready to abandon the process if you make a mistake.

Trading in gold shops is probably what you want. I will love him more. Costumes. The price of gold is set internationally on a daily basis. It actually fluctuates throughout the day, but most places post the price of gold at the beginning of the day and it stays at that price. The price of 24 karat gold must be clearly displayed in stores. It is advisable to personally check the price before leaving your home/hotel so that you can compare it with the indicated price. If it is not clearly displayed, ask the seller how much you will be charged that day.

Once you select the part you want to buy, the seller weighs it in front of you, ask what currency you want the price in, briefly press the calculator several times, and finally shake the calculator back and forth in front of you to display the price. This is when you frown slightly or keep a completely blank expression. Find out more about the quality of gold. Is it 24 carats? Isn't he a little pale? Maybe it's only 18 carats. Expressing doubts about the quality of gold is a good strategy, but there are others.

Ask what the price would be if calculated based on the current price of gold. As soon as. It will be less, but should not be significantly less than the original price listed. If the original price listed is 30% or more higher, you may be dealing with someone who is not going to offer you a fair price. There is a fee for working on a piece of jewelry, but if it's a locally produced piece, it shouldn't be much.

Sometimes I've managed to do this. get simple bracelets or necklaces at the price of gold or at most ten percent more. It depends on their interest in selling.

Imported jewelry requires a higher markup than the actual weight of the gold, but is often produced with a higher grade higher than smaller gold. carats. . So be careful.

Through an offer and counter-offer process, you can arrive at a price you're both "happy" with. The price depends on how much you are willing to pay and how much the dealer is willing to sell. Engage in the process with patience and humor. You will get the best prices if you are charming and unobtrusive.

If you decide it's too expensive, thank the employee for their time and walk away. He will only let you go if you have an unreasonable price in mind. If you are close to what he can sell, he will find a way to lure you back into the game.

Those items that bother you after you. ..I bought this. Turning his back, he could end up elsewhere. Try different stores. Many of them offer similar items and you will soon have an idea of ​​what constitutes a reasonable price.

Gold shops have a high turnover and this is probably the Here because the negotiation process is generally quick compared to that of carpet stores. Even if you only want to buy a small tribal rug, for which you can expect to pay less than AED 400, the process will still be slow. Be specific about what you want to see if you know what it is.

Accept the cold drink you will likely be offered and sit down. Sit down and look at the carpets. as they unfold before you. If you're short on time, start discussing pricing as soon as possible. This is often difficult because sellers aim to delight you with their products and get you hooked on rugs that are much more expensive than you initially expected.

Unlike the gold in supermarkets, you run the risk of overpaying in a carpet shop if you don't know how much you will pay. Always offer a price significantly lower than the original asking price, but don't do it in an offensive way. It's a game, but you probably won't win it. The best defense is to look at many different stores, which takes time. Once you buy something, you stop looking because you can find the same thing for a cheaper price, but why would you do that?

What will I get Pay?

As I said before, if you don't know what you're looking for or what a reasonable price is, there are no guarantees in a carpet store. You will receive a mat. When you get it, a good or bad price depends on your knowledge and trading skills, so do some research.

You are very good at secured gold transactions. The price of gold is set, the item is weighed in front of you and when the agreed upon price is reached, you receive a receipt. Gold shops are heavily guarded, so you are very unlikely to get scammed. If they sell you a piece of 18, 22 or 24 karat gold, it will be what it says it is. You may end up paying a higher premium than a more experienced resident, but it will likely be much cheaper than what you can get in the UK or US. So relax and try it!

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