Home Night Life The Garden Brunch at Olival Restaurant- Habtoor Grand Resort

The Garden Brunch at Olival Restaurant- Habtoor Grand Resort

The Garden Brunch at Olival Restaurant- Habtoor Grand Resort
The Garden Brunch at Olival Restaurant in Dubai

Saturday is the new Friday now without the Saturday-Sunday weekend started here in the UAE. So the popular Friday brunches are replaced by Saturday brunches. And one of the fun Saturday brunches I visited early this month was The Garden Brunch at Olival Restaurant in Habtoor Grand Resort, JBR.

Set sail on a Mediterranean culinary journey at The Garden Brunch every Saturday from 12:30pm-4pm at Olival Restaurant and explore the exotic flavors of islands of Mediterranean right here in Dubai.

The Garden Brunch features an opulent international storeroom showcasing pure dishes and rich flavors from the popular islands of Mediterranean.

The live grills and roasts, interactive instillation counters and a serene scenery with outdoor seating withal with the views of the lush untried gardens and Dubai skyline transported me to a relaxed holiday.

The brunch at Olival featured a live wreath duo who churned out some foot-tapping numbers and kept us entertained throughout the afternoon.

At the Garden Brunch, the little ones are taken superintendency of and there were many activities like wavy castle, squatter painting and more.

The brunch was a true representation of the flavors of the Mediterranean as it featured over 100 delicacies spanning wideness the islands. Some of the dishes not to be missed are Paella, Greek-style grills, Ribeye steak, seabass and pure selection of oils and salts. It was an interesting and refreshing brunch.

What- The Garden Brunch

Where- Olival Restaurant, Habtoor Grand Resort

When- Every Saturday

Time- 12:30-4:00pm

Price- Soft beverages package- AED 250 per person

House beverages package- AED 350 per person

Champagne package- AED 500 per person

Brunch at Habtoor Grand Resort

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