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Vegan Supper Club Experience in Dubai

Vegan Supper Club Experience in Dubai
BreakBread Dubai

The month of September was a month filled with new experiences and I can’t wait to share it with all my readers. I had my first Supper Club wits in Dubai and it was an immersive and interactive experience.

Thanks to BreakBread, a digital marketplace and hub for curated home-cooked supplies experiences with a mission to unite and connect people, chefs and foodies virtually a inside idea, ‘food is weightier experienced home-cooked and shared’.

Meet…Eat…Connect is the philosophy of BreakBread!

Supper club Dubai

BreakBread is a platform in Dubai that offers an engaging trademark wits driven by the ‘simple pleasures of unconfined supplies experiences shared in a setting that feels like home’.

Through the website of BreakBread, you can typesetting an wits based on the cuisine or the type of supplies and can pay for your seat online. The dates are moreover given in their website. I chose the Vegan Supper Club experience by Lara Tawidian.

Lara is a plant based Lebanese Armenian expat and I got to whole supplies vegan dinner at her house. It was a 5-course meal including a non drunkard drink. You moreover have the option of BYOW(bring your own wine).

The table setting was on-point for a plant based dinner and I got to share the table with people from variegated cultures and had an interesting conversation.

Home curated supplies experiences in Dubai

The 5-course supper consisted of linty and wholesome Wild Mushroom Soup, light and refreshing Tofu Halloumi Salad, lip-smackingly succulent Caramelized Onion Tart, nourishing Freekotto and the divine tasting Oreo Tart for dessert.

All the dishes were flavorful, tasty and satisfying. Perfect for vegans and non vegans. From the host to the setting of the table, undercurrent and the food- Everything was amazing!

Supper club scene is flourishing in Dubai and I’m definitely looking forward to increasingly supper club experiences in future. Bored of the usual restaurant/cafe fare? Check out BreakBread for curated home-cooked supplies experiences connecting people through food.

To Book: http://www.breakbread.com

Email: support@breakbread.com

Instagram: @breakbreaddubai

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