Home Things To Do A Romantic Vacation In Dubai Was Our Perfect Anniversary Celebration!

A Romantic Vacation In Dubai Was Our Perfect Anniversary Celebration!

A Romantic Vacation In Dubai Was Our Perfect Anniversary Celebration!

Shirin heard a lot well-nigh the glitz and glamour of Dubai- its record-breaking megastructures, larger than life entertainment parks, and charismatic nimbus of a municipality that is scrutinizingly too good to be true. Hence, she decided to requite the municipality of Gold a endangerment at her marriage year-end to spend 6 nights 7 days on a romantic vacation in Dubai.

Having traveled to variegated places in Southeast Asia, my husband and I wanted to explore something new outside India. Something that redefined luxury, rejuvenation, and grandeur. All of these questions lead to just one answer- Dubai. If there was anything luxurious we wanted to spend money on in life, it could be all washed-up in Dubai. Such was the reputation and respect in my mind for the ‘City of Gold’ that I couldn’t help but plan for the same.

A friend of mine suggested that I try out the services of TravelTriangle. Their packages could be customized and modified lanugo to every last detail to unhook just the kind of vacation I needed.

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Details of our 6 nights 7 days romantic vacation in Dubai

Trip Duration: 6 nights 7 days
Agent Name: Timeless Trips Pvt Ltd
Inclusions: Transfers, sightseeing, entry tickets, visa fee, and taxes
Exclusions: Flights, hotels, and meals

After a lot of research, planning, and coordination the formalities for our romantic vacation in Dubai were finally complete. Celebrating yet flipside milestone with my husband at the most luxurious destination in the world is one dream where I had to pinch myself to believe its happening.

A unenduring itinerary of our romantic vacation in Dubai

Day 1: Flight from Kolkata- inrush in Dubai- trammels into hotel- Dhow Trip dinner-return to hotel

Day 2: Breakfast- half-day sightseeing tour in Dubai- desert safari- return to hotel

Day 3: Breakfast- sightseeing- visit to Burj Khalifa, Underwater Zoo and Dubai aquarium- return to hotel

Day 4: Breakfast- Abu Dhabi municipality tour (Ferrari world, Sheik Zayed mosque, and stage market)- return to hotel

Day 5: Breakfast- leisure day

Day 6: Breakfast- full day tour Ski Dubai and Mall of Emirates- return to hotel

Day 7: Breakfast- transfer to airport- return flight to Kolkata

The seven wonders of modern-age Dubai!

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After spending a week on a romantic vacation in Dubai I realized that every place to visit in Dubai offered something the other didn’t. Be its unique buildings, death-defying venture sports, or a shimmering sea of gold; Dubai knows how to turn on the style and here are the 7 places we visited that did it the best.

1. A Romantic Dhow Trip Dinner

On the first night of our romantic vacation in Dubai, we got an unexpected surprise in how charming, amorous, and lively a dinner at a wend in the Dubai harbor be. The wend diner offered world-class cuisine, live flit shows, and spanking-new guitar performance.

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2. Sunset Desert Safari

At 3 pm on the second day, we were picked up by a muscular 4×4 SUV for a desert safari at sunset. The car cut through the huge sand dunes giving us an incredible adrenaline rush. 15 minutes surpassing sunset, the SUV took us to a desert Bedouin zany where we were treated with some welcome drinks, snacks, and live flit performance. It couldn’t really get any increasingly pure than that!

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3. Burj Khalifa- On top of the world!

Number 1 on our list of places to visit in Dubai, Burj Khalifa definitely lived up to the hype it has been built all these years. The towers is so tall that at some points when I looked at it from the marrow it looked like an optical illusion. The view from the observatory at the 124th floor was breathtaking.

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4. Ferrari World- How fast can you go!

A theme-park defended entirely to Ferrari is a dream for any car lover. After riding the world’s fastest rollercoaster, my husband and felt like we were driving a Ferrari at full throttle. The theme park is a one-of-a-kind yuck park defended to the unshortened lifecycle of the trademark Ferrari.

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5. Sheikh Zayed Mosque- A modern day Taj Mahal

Such was the eyeful and grandeur of this huge mosque we experienced that it encapsulated the true essence divinity for me into marble, gold, and silver! After roaming virtually the mosque, I felt so mesmerized that I had entered the modern day Taj Mahal.

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6. Ski Dubai- Winter forever

Yes, it felt very strange and wondrous when my husband and I, on a romantic trip to Dubai, were sweating outside in 35 degrees, and moments later we were in sub-zero temperatures experiencing the Alpine nippy self-glorification wideness our faces. An incredible snow-theme park where both of us spent a fun-filled day.

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This Is Why Dubai Is The Perfect Honeymoon Destination

7. Gold Souk and Meena Bazaar

On many occasions during our romantic trip to Dubai, my husband and I visited the world-famous Gold Souk and Meena Bazaar. These were fabulously decorated markets that kept the old traditions of Dubai working in this modern wave of transformation.

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 In Dubai, I felt like a small infant who had just entered this world and was astonished by seeing so many never-before-seen things surpassing his eyes.Not for one moment during our memorable 7-day romantic vacation in Dubai did we finger bored or worn-out by seeing something.

During all of this, the time my husband and I spent together was invaluable. If there was anything surreal in this world I would unchangingly want to see it with my husband and I’m glad I did just that in Dubai.

High points:

  • On-trip assistance was readily misogynist every day from TravelTriangle’s side which made our query solving very easy.
  • We were squandered yonder by seeing the eyeful and the grandeur of Sheikh Zayed Mosque.
  • Looking at the world from the 124th floor of the tallest towers in world (Burj Khalifa) was one skillet list task checked I will unchangingly remember.
  • Our romantic vacation in Dubai got off to a perfect start with a mannerly dinner on the Dhow Cruise.

Low point:

  • The vouchers and visa were sent too tropical to the throw-away of the trip. Would have preferred to receive the documents a few days in advance.

The weightier in matriculation for luxury, entertainment, and travel is here. Book your Dubai tour package and go on a vacation unlike any other before!

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