Home Things To Do A Spectacular Start to 2024: Couple Enjoys Dubai's New Year Extravaganza

A Spectacular Start to 2024: Couple Enjoys Dubai's New Year Extravaganza

A Spectacular Start to 2024: Couple Enjoys Dubai's New Year Extravaganza

New Year celebrations in Abu Dhabi are set to reach new heights as the main organizing committee of the Sheikh Zayed Festival announces its grand plans for an unforgettable night. A 60-minute fireworks display designed to break four Guinness World Records is the highlight of the celebrations at Al Wathba Exhibition Centre.

Records broken in the sky

The Sheikh Zayed Festival will go down in history with a 60-minute fireworks display that aims to break four Guinness World Records. The Senior Organizing Committee has carefully selected an exceptional program that includes not only a fascinating fireworks display, but also a spectacular drone show with an impressive fleet of 5,000 drones. This exhibition aims to be a visual spectacle, complemented by a unique laser show, folklore performances and international art exhibitions.

Invitation to millions of people Experience the show

The grandeur of the Sheikh Zayed Festival is not limited to the locals; extends an open invitation to millions of residents and tourists. The festival promises the largest and most extravagant fireworks display lasting over 60 minutes, as well as an unprecedented laser show. With the ambitious goal of breaking the Guinness World Record for quantity, duration and lineup, the festival aims to welcome 2024 with an impressive experience for all attendees.

A sky full of joy

To increase the festive atmosphere, one hundred thousand colorful balloons are released into the night sky on New Year's Eve As reported by Khaleej Times , the festival will also set a new regional record with its elaborate drone show. Attendees can expect a comprehensive entertainment program including DJs and live music, making the New Year celebration an unforgettable experience for all.

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In summary:

As Abu Dhabi prepares for an unprecedented New Year celebration at the Sheikh Zayed Festival, the 60-minute fireworks display and use of 5,000 drones promise a extraordinary experience. for the participants. . The festival will break Guinness World Records for scale and innovation and become a beacon of celebration, inviting millions of people to take part in this joyous occasion.

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