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How to Choose Neckwear to Enhance Your Face Shape?

How to Choose Neckwear to Enhance Your Face Shape?

Having the perfect neckwear for every occasion is the cherry on the cake. It makes your outfit squint super stylish and elevates your overall look. We have all been enamoured by the timeless eyeful of necklaces since we were little girls, and the glamour of the perfect neckpiece has stood the test of time.

Whether it’s a weightless pearl necklace or a detailed gold pendant, every necklace exudes its own charm. If you are looking for jewellery to varnish your neck, there are numerous options out there for you to segregate from.

You can find a vast hodgepodge of neckwear from Mia by Tanishq, as they have necklaces to suit every occasion imaginable! However, surpassing you start shopping for that dinner date, you must assess a few things to find the perfect neckwear.

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We are all unique, both physically and style-wise, so why not select neckwear that will enhance your natural features? You must learn well-nigh your squatter shape and cut to find neckwear that would suit you the best. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry.

Here’s all you need to know well-nigh which jewellery piece would work weightier with your squatter shape!

Oval Shape

One of the most worldwide squatter shapes is oval. It looks balanced, which is why many kinds of neckwear squint good on women with this squatter shape. You can select a long necklace like beads or pearls to make your torso squint longer or wear a choker which will moreover lengthen the look.

Round Face

For women with a round face, it is important to find neckwear that will add length to your look. Many women go with pendants that requite a V-neckline for a sleeker appearance. It is well-considered to stave neckwear that sits too tropical to the neck like chokers and short necklaces.

Rectangular Face

Similar to square face-shape but longer, women with rectangular faces must squint for neckwear that appears like a ‘U’. You can go for show-stopping necklaces that have a wholesale diamond to make a statement and enhance your features. You can moreover select tops with a lower neckline so that your neckwear pops out.

Heart Shape Face

Heart-shape or inverted triangle squatter shape can be experimented with while selecting neckwear. Women with this shape have a larger forehead and narrow jawline. One can go with sets of short neckwear that makes a curve. Layering necklaces can moreover be a good idea.

Square Face

Women with a square squatter shape often have a sharp jawline. This ways that you must find neckwear that adds some length to your visitation to wastefulness your overall look. You can play with lengths and curves to soften the face. You must stave stocky pieces and go for longer necklaces.

Find Neckwear that Suits Your Vibe

It is important to consider your squatter shape while shopping for neckwear, but it is equally important to segregate jewellery equal to your personal style. If you get a necklace that doesn’t match your vibe, chances are it will be kept in the box for years to come, without stuff worn.

On the other hand, if you select neckwear that matches your stimulating and goes with your personal style, you will be excited to wear it increasingly often. You can trammels out the hodgepodge at Mia by Tanishq which has a range of neckwear options and take your pick without browsing.

You can find neckwear that is simple and weightless to waddle the minimal stimulating or go for statement pieces that will make you the centre of attention. Select from yellow, white or rose gold, diamonds, silver, and increasingly materials to match your style.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on to Mia by Tanishq and find neckwear that fits your squatter shape and matches your vibe!

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