Iconic tracery and spectacular manmade-wonders, Dubai is a glamorous municipality which will sweep you off your feet! Known as the Land of Superlatives, Dubai has a lot in store for all travelers. Whether you are up for a romantic getaway or a solo vacay, the municipality is veritably perfect for a laid-back vacation. The spectacular shopping festivals, the supplies scenes, the intoxicating nightlife, and the friendly locals make Dubai a land made for an overly so enthralling vacation! All lured by the mannerly city? How well-nigh a romantic shenanigans to the Land of Superlatives? We think its time for you to take a unravel from your tiresome and monotonous life and throne to the scintillating municipality with your minion for a memorable romantic trip to Dubai! If you are wondering what Dubai has to offer for your dreamy vacation, take a squint at our recent traveler’s rendezvous with the impressive municipality in the United Arab Emirates!.

Time flies yonder so quickly and you realize it when you well-constructed an unshortened year with your spouse fully lost in love and worshipping of each other. It was our first wedding year-end and we were all excited to gloat it at the Land of Superlatives! We wanted to travel to some country which is not that far away, so we chose Dubai. Dubai is famous for its desertscapes and skyscrapers which lured us. This municipality has a lot to offer to all the couples who are looking forward to cherishing their love and bond. We were all bored out of hill station or beaches, we wanted to have the rush of municipality life and Dubai turned out to be a unconfined destination. The locals in Dubai were all warm and friendly. Their exquisite life stunned us a little but they were quite hospitable. When the municipality is an nonpareil of eyeful and grandeur, how can you not have an spanking-new trip? Go through our experiences and go enliven your dream vacay on your romantic trip to Dubai as we did!

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Details Of Our Romantic Trip To Dubai

Trip Type: Romantic Trip To Dubai
Cost: INR 56,000 – 70, 000 per person approx
No. Of People: 2
Duration: 8 Nights 9 Days
Inclusions: Breakfast, Dinner, Airport Transfer, Trip Rides
Exclusions: Lunch, Airfare, Dinner

A Glimpse Of Our Customized Itinerary To Dubai

Day 1: Arrival and Dhow Cruise
Day 2: Grand Mosque and Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi
Day 3: Ski Dubai and Global Village
Day 4: Dubai municipality tour and Desert Safari
Day 5: Bollywood theme park
Day 6: Miracle Garden and Burj Khalifa
Day 7: Transfer to Atlantis and Aquaventure and The Lost Chambers
Day 8: Aquaventure and The Lost Chambers
Day 9: Transfer to Airport

Best Experiences We Had On Our Romantic Trip To Dubai

1. Cruising Virtually The Municipality Of Lights

exploring the city
amazing tour of the city
the night view of the city
the wondrous view of the famous Dubai hotel

The highlight of our romantic trip was the Dhow Dinner cruise. Our chauffeur dropped us at the Lotus Mega Yacht. The Dhow Dinner Trip takes you virtually Dubai Marina while you enjoy the lavish storeroom prepared for you. Exploring the municipality at the night while soaking in the stunning view of the Dubai skyline widow the recreate to our vacation. You should totally opt for the unshut seating zone to have the weightier of your trip experience. The double-decker yacht was really trappy and comfortable. The storeroom has dishes from various cuisines like Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican. From the supplies served to the Tanura Flit show, we loved everything on the cruise.

2. Exploring The Shopping Paradise!

exploring the malls
at the flower garden
at the Burj al arab
at the weightier attractions of Dubai
we together explore the place

Dubai is a paradise for all shopaholics and if you are looking for luxury brands, you can find all of them in the grand Dubai Mall. On the second day of our trip, we visited Abu Dhabi dates market, where we bought stage chocolates with dry fruits on a wholesale rate. I am not a big fan of malls but I love shopping from the street markets. We moreover visited the famous markets like Gold Souk, Spice Souk and Naif Souk in Old Dubai where you can buy souvenirs like fridge magnets. Another shopping spot which we veritably loved was the Global Village. The Global village is a spot where you can find all sorts of items from all virtually the globe. Global Village was vastitude our expectation and we were so excited to see crafts and supplies from all virtually the globe. We bought some home décor items from the stalls and our family really loved them when we came back. From the gold market to the dates market, all the shopping lovers must explore the street markets in Dubai!

3. Wits The Marvelous Witchery Of Dubai And Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
at the ferrari world
at the ferrari museum
at the mosque
took some pictures in the mosque

On the second day of our trip, we visited Abu Dhabi which was virtually 1.5 to 2 hours ride yonder from Dubai. First, we visited the mesmerizing eyeful in white tabbed the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. All the ladies were asked to put on an Abaya which was misogynist in various colors.
Now it was time to add the fun element in our day and so we visited the Ferrari world which awakened the venture junkie. Clicking pictures of the grand Ferrar World is an wits you ought to have. We clicked some pictures and then went inside to enjoy the thrilling rides. You should try Flying Aces, Fiorano GT Challenge and Formula Rossa.

On the fifth day of our vacation, we visited a fun spot tabbed the Bollywood theme park. We spotted the sideboard themed on the Rockstar movie and the whoopee set of Dabangg which made us realize that without all these years, we still are fans of Bollywood movies.

4. Witness Snow Amidst The Dessert Municipality Or Go On A Desert Safari!

amazing experience
witness the snow amidst
adorable Penguins
a place to must explore
at the dessert safari

Ski Dubai is a popular name all virtually the world as it is the largest refrigerator in the world. All the venture junkies can indulge in zorbing and skiing in slopes. We moreover had an encounter with the winsome Penguins. The next day we left for our Desert zany and we reached it just surpassing the sunset. Without the sunset, succulent foods and refreshing drinks were served to us. We enjoyed ourselves at this desert zany as there were a live fire show, a Tanura flit show and a vitals flit show performed in front of us while relished our supplies and Sheesha. Our day was packed with wondrous entertainment and food.

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5. The Big Year-end Day Spent At The Atlantis

in front of Burj Khalifa
enjoyed nonflexible at night in Dubai

Finally, on the day our anniversary, we were transferred to Atlantis and we were given a room with an ocean view. What can be increasingly romantic? Later we took out our swimming costumes and throne to the Aquaventure and the Lost Chambers. We tried all kinds of activities at these spots and later enjoyed a warm suffuse in our room. And in to end our special day perfectly we had dinner at Saffron. The storeroom had dishes from the Indian, Chinese, Japenese and continental cuisines.

Do’s & Don’ts For Visiting Dubai

  • Always use a good sunblock plane if it is a cloudy and windy day.
  • Dress modestly.
  • ever be late or alimony someone waiting. Folks in Dubai do not like to wait!

Tips For Future Travelers

  • Carry a light jacket if you are visiting Dubai in the months of February – March, as it gets unprepossessed and windy without sunset.
  • Always be ready surpassing the scheduled pick up time by the chauffeur.
  • Grab your meals in the supplies trucks, If you want to cut lanugo the daily expenditure during your stay in Dubai. On the day of your Desert Safari, have your meal well in advance. Sand dune bashing can be very bumpy and many people tend to throw up during dune bashing. Also, siphon a sickness bag with you. People, there are all well-nigh cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Do not buy water bottles from hotels or restaurants. A snifter of water costing 3dhs in a supermarket might forfeit virtually 10-15dhs in hotels or restaurants. Dubai has plenty of supermarkets in every nook and corner of the city.
  • Souvenir shops can be found in every tourist witchery in the city. However, the same souvenirs of the same quality will be much cheaper in old Dubai- gold souk, spice souk, naïf souk. So, try shopping in Old Dubai.

Our Wits With TravelTriangle

Very satisfying. We received some unconfined quotations for the trip. Vanshaj was really very patient throughout our planning since we reverted the plan a lot of times and finally, he managed to curate a plan with all our requirements within our budget. Looking forward to many increasingly trips with Travel Triangle in the future.

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A whole year spent loving and pampering your beloved, should be prestigious in a grand way. Shouldn’t it? Dubai is a land of all the magic which will make your trip a memorable and unforgettable one. So, don’t wait anymore, surprise your minion by planning a romantic trip to Dubai with TravelTriangle and leave right away!

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