Home Things To Do This Is How Dubai Dazzled And Served As The Best Family Holiday Destination For Rahul

This Is How Dubai Dazzled And Served As The Best Family Holiday Destination For Rahul

This Is How Dubai Dazzled And Served As The Best Family Holiday Destination For Rahul

It is a known fact that Dubai never fails to impress anyone and Rahul withal with his family experienced the same. To satiate the prolonged wanderlust, Rahul decided to go on a family vacation and thought that what can be largest than the sparkling municipality of Dubai. The rest is his-story so here’s what he wrote.

Trip Type: Fun-Filled Family Trip
Duration: 6 days and 5 nights
Budget: INR 1,72,000/-
Inclusions: Accommodation at Municipality Max Bur Hotel, Breakfast, Transfers, Dubai Municipality Tour, Burj Khalifa, Dhow Cruise, Dubai Museum, The Ferrari World, The Aquaventure, Abu Dhabi Municipality Tour & The Grand Mosque

As a family, we wanted to wrap this year with an unforgettable trip full of fun and memories. We wanted to check Dubai off our skillet list and that is when I started Googling for variegated packages and came wideness TravelTriangle.

The representative from TravelTriangle put me through the wage-earner tabbed “Ittiba Holidays” who specialized in Dubai tour packages. We customized an heady tour package and the weightier part was that all of it fit in our budget.

Having washed-up all the preparations, it really felt unconfined to have managed everything so hands in few clicks with TravelTriangle. Now that everything was done, we all were filled with unconfined enthusiasm and excitement to go on our international holiday.

Day 1: The Moment Our Vision Met The Sparkling Lights of Dubai

couple enjoying dinner on trip in Dubai

Our throw-away from Mumbai was really well-appointed but there was an unexpected wait at the Dubai airport due to some technical issues. Despite the delay, we were mesmerized the moment we landed and our vision met the sparkling municipality of lights.

We reached Dubai at virtually 10.30 pm in the night and the wage-earner from Ittiba Holidays greeted us at the airport. He transferred us to the hotel and to our surprise, the staff gifted some perfume bottles and offered drinks to us. Post receiving such a warm welcome, we all retired to bed as it had really been a long day.

Day 2: The Advent Of An Adventure-Filled Day

couple traveling together near dubai museum

After getting unbearable sleep we were looking forward to the second day and the surprises that awaited. We started the day a little later and proceeded for the heady municipality tour without enjoying a sumptuous breakfast.

Family clicking selfie in front of Burj-al-Arab

The moment our tour started, we were enthralled by the city’s tracery and the recreate of Dubai’s environs.

Man posing near burj-al-arab in Dubai

From the rich culture of Dubai Museum to the white sandy shores of Palm Jumeirah waterfront and captivating Burj-al-Arab, it seemed possible to fall in love at first sight when one is in Dubai. Later in the evening, the Desert Safari turned out to be quite an venturesome event for all of us.

Couple enjoying desert safari on quadbike in Dubai

Though we paid uneaten for the ATV velocipede rides, the quad velocipede sessions and dune bashing was thrilling to the core. Later in the evening, we dressed up in the traditional costumes and indulged in a typical and entertaining Arabian night experience.

family enjoying desert safari together in Dubai

We enjoyed our dinner slantingly the vitals flit performance and the fire show. On our way when we were dropped at the Dubai Sahara Mall to meet one of our cousins. We enjoyed a bit of our family time together and returned when to the hotel later in the night.

Day 3: The Lost Chambers, Aquaventure And The Dhow Cruise

Family travels together to Dubai

Next day in the first half we visited the Lost Chambers Aquarium which was a fantastic experience. We came wideness thousands of aquatic species surrounded the thematic lighting and the guides made the tour worth it.

family enjoying water sports together

The most fascinating wits we had that day was at Aquaventure in Atlantis the Palm. The near-vertical slide through the water tube and other water rides just left us wanting for more.

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Man enjoying waterslide in Dubai

We missed the Dolphin Show as we were so engrossed in our waterpark venture that we lost track of time and couldn’t reach the bay when we were supposed to.

family enjoying watersports at Dubai Atlantis

Our evening was booked for the scintillating Dhow Cruise. We went when to the hotel to transpiration and still made it to the trip 15 minutes surpassing it started.

family enjoying dinner on trip in Dubai

The whole setting was wondrous and we cruised through the Dubai creek while indulging in a succulent international buffet. On our way when we were dropped at the mall for some shopping and later took a cab when to the hotel.

Day 4: The Magnificent And Majestic Burj Khalifa

Family enjoying at aquarium in Dubai

As the previous day was quite fun-filled and adventurous, we relaxed to the cadre on the fourth day.

Couple enjoying at the aquarium in Dubai

Later on in the afternoon we visited the underground tunnel at the Dubai Aquarium that was very variegated from Lost Chambers and was fantastic as well.

Family enjoying at Dubai aquarium

After spending unbearable time at the Dubai Mall we headed towards the most awaited tour of the Burj Khalifa at well-nigh 3.30 pm. Viewing the skyline from 124th floor of Burj Khalifa had all of us awe-struck by the magnificence of this star-lit city.

family traveling together

We first went up to the 125th floor and then came lanugo to 124th floor. Following this we cherished the wondrous views of the fountain and the whole wits made us wish that we get to go to the 148th floor on our next trip.

Day 5: A Municipality Of Class, Culture & Carvings

Family traveling together and having fun

Next morning without breakfast, we geared up for the Abu Dhabi municipality tour. We visited the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque which is world renowned for its unconfined carvings and architecture. The mosque was so magnificent that it took two hours for us to explore it fully.

Man posing next to a yellow ferrari

Later we set out for the Ferrari World which took us scrutinizingly 45 minutes from the mosque enroute the Presidential Palace. I enjoyed two rides of the fastest roller coaster at the Ferrari World which was indeed a mind self-glorification experience.

man posing next to a yellow ferrari

There were lot of other activities but we finished by 8 pm since we had to depart the next day. We later indulged in some shopping at Meena Bazaar and went when to the hotel.

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Day 6: Till We Meet Again

family traveling to Dubai

This was the day when our long fun-filled vacation had come to an end. As we finished our breakfast, the last morning in Dubai made all of us a bit nostalgic. We reached the airport right on time and bid a warm farewell to this ever-dazzling city until our next trip.

Wow Moments: Undoubtedly our wow moment was at the 124th floor of Burj khalifa and the fun slides at Aquaventure.

Low Points: There was a bit of lack in communication. There would be no prior or post information once the suburbanite had arrived. We would be waiting for the message to be conveyed only to realize that the suburbanite had been waiting for us. This resulted in wastage of time which could have been avoided.

Tips For Travelers:

  • Aquaventure is a time-consuming adventure. Make sure you have a good full day at hand to enjoy the activities and stave rushing through.
  • Don’t plan for Aquaventure and the Dolphin Show on the same day. We missed the show as the Dolphin bay gets sealed by 5 pm. Thus, plan accordingly.
  • Ferrari World is a whole day worriedness too. Plan well in whop so that you don’t miss out on any activities.
  • Make sure you don’t wait your dinner at the Desert Camp. Food tends to get unprepossessed as there is a huge prod to be served.

Be it a memorable honeymoon trip or a relaxed family holiday, Dubai offers the weightier to its admirers. Explore the star-lit municipality of lights and typesetting the best Dubai tour packages with TravelTriangle!

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