Home Things To Do WHERE TO STAY IN DUBAI: 5 Best Areas by an Expat [2023]

WHERE TO STAY IN DUBAI: 5 Best Areas by an Expat [2023]

WHERE TO STAY IN DUBAI: 5 Best Areas by an Expat [2023]

Dubai, the most important tourist destination in the Middle East, is a city of enormous proportions.

It has a population of 3.1 million inhabitants spread over the whole territory vast territory. Surface area of ​​4,114 km².

To give you an idea: Madrid is another large city with the same population, but with an area of ​​just 600 km². This is seven times less than in Dubai

This means that there is a lot of empty space in Dubai and the distances between different places are huge.

This is why, unlike some European and Asian cities, Dubai is a city that cannot be explored on foot, because many neighborhoods and places that seem close to each other are in different realities. kilometers from each other are so far apart that it is not possible to move. You can't walk even if you want to, basically because there is nowhere to walk.

Also, the different neighborhoods and areas of Dubai are extremely different. of each of them. others with so many tourist attractions, activities and, of course, extremely different budgets.

For the reasons mentioned above, it is important to do a little research before committing. Choose a hostel in Dubai.

For example, if you want to stay near Marina Beach, the most touristy place, but you have a limited budget and decide whether you If you stay in the Historic Center keep in mind that the journey from the Historic Center to the Marina lasts 30 km. The metro journey takes up to 2 hours and a taxi costs around 75 AED (20 USD).

In this guide you will find out which area you should stay in. Dubai depending on what you want to do there as a tourist and, obviously, your budget.


The most tourist areas to stay in Dubai:

1 – Which area to stay in Dubai: The Marina & Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR)

Jumeirah Beach Residence Area Guide - The best places to live in UAE

The relatively new area area A Dubai Marina and JBR is the most exposed area to the west of the city, practically the only truly walkable part of New Dubai and, in my opinion, the best place to stay in Dubai.

JBR refers to the beach, the promenade and all buildings located on the front line. The marina is everything behind it, including the tallest skyscrapers and the canal.

Most European expats choose to live here because it's the easiest place to live, there are lots of bars, and there are no strict restrictions like how women dress on the beach.

Why you should stay here:

Basically, you should stay here if you want to be where the fun is.

It has a beach, lots of restaurants and bars and with the canal and all the skyscrapers it's really impressive.

That's it. Excellent metro connection.

Not good if:

If you go to Dubai to shop, the Marina doesn't have any many options, although Mall of the Emirates, the second most famous shopping mall, is only 7 km away.

Also know that this is an expensive area, in fact one of the most expensive in Dubai, although you can find good options on the market.

It is also far from the center, where the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall are located, about 23 km, and even further from the old city and Deira (30 km).

Where to stay in Dubai: the best accommodation in the Marina and JBR

The cheapest (hostel) – Backpacker Tina – Budget hostels are slowly opening up all over the city and Marina is where Tina is cheapest. Like most buildings here, everything is amazing, new and the building has all kinds of amenities, including a gym and a pool! If you are a backpacker, this is the best place to stay in Dubai.

  • Cheap (Apartments) – Pearl Marina Hotel : After hostels, apartments are the only accommodation options that fall within the budget range. There are many options and the Pearl Marina Hotel is the one with the most reviews. Located on the marina with lovely canal views, great views and also offers a great breakfast, although the apartments have kitchens so you can prepare your own food.
  • Centre -Range – Jannah Marina Bay Suites : With beautiful sea views, this mid-range hotel is actually a very budget option as the rooms are not particularly expensive and the facilities are always great! It has a pool and hot tub.
  • Affordable Luxury - JA Ocean View Hotel : Basically a 5 star hotel, but very affordable for what you offer. Ocean View is right on the beach and has great restaurants and a great breakfast with most options imaginable. If you want to stay in an authentic 5 star hotel without spending thousands, look no further.
  • Top Luxury - The Address  One of the most original buildings in the marina, and my favorite, especially for its simplicity, is The Address Hotel, the most luxurious place in the region . and where the coolest and most popular bars are located. This is considered one of the best places to stay in Dubai.

2 – Which neighborhood to stay in Dubai: Al-Barsha

Al Barsha Dubai Area Guide | ExpatWoman.com

Al Barsha is the functional neighborhood of Dubai.

On the one hand it is not a very attractive place. Other than strolling through the Mall of the Emirates (the second most famous mall) to visit the ski resort, there isn't much tourists can do here.

On the other hand, many expats also live here, especially because it is very well connected by metro, close to the marina and the center and can save a few hundred dollars on rent per month.

It also has everything you need, from a Carrefour to various shops and excellent local restaurants, from Arabic to excellent Indian and Pakistani, so Al-Barsha is really a great place to stay .

If you don't know where to stay in Dubai, Al-Barsha is really fantastic and a good option for those who want to be close to the main attractions, but don't want to spend a fortune .

Why you should stay here:

It is close to the Mall of the Emirates, the second best shopping mall in Dubai and where it is located the ski resort.

It is also much cheaper than the marina and the city center and is very well connected to the metro. There are also some good bars and many good restaurants.

Not good if:

You really want to be close to the main attractions. or look for an even cheaper place like Old Dubai.


Where to stay in Dubai: the best accommodation in Al-Barsha

  • Cheapest – Tulip Al Barsha Hotel Apartment  ​​​There are many aparthotels in Al-Barsha and this one offers the best value for money in the area, with the best location in Al-Barsha, right next door at the Mall of the Emirates. and the metro station. In reality it is not the cheapest, but with a few dollars more you get a perfect service.
  • Nicetest (intermediate) – Al Khoory Atrium: this 4-star hotel has a large rooftop pool, from where you can also see the Burj al-Arab, and is ideal for families and couples with a limited budget. Everything is very good, new and reasonably priced.
  • Affordable Luxury - Elite Byblos Hotel If you are looking for a 5 star hotel but can't find it. If you want to spend a fortune, this hotel is one of the best value options in Dubai and therefore has one of the highest ratings. Located near the Mall of the Emirates, it is also home to a very popular Arabic restaurant serving exquisite Middle Eastern and Emirati dishes.
  • Extreme luxury: The Kempinski Hotel The best luxury hotel in the region is the Kempinski, located in the Mall of the Emirates. I have been there many times because it has the best Spanish restaurant in Dubai and the food and decor are quite close to some bars in my country. The rest of the hotel offers everything you would expect from a luxury hotel, except this one is cheaper than those in the Marina or the city centre.

3 – The best area to stay in Dubai: Downtown

WHERE TO STAY in DUBAI - Best Areas, Hotels, & Beaches

Central is Dubai as you see it on TV and for many people, the best area to stay in Dubai.

With some of the tallest skyscrapers including the Burj Khalifa, the most luxurious boutiques, the most elegant boulevards and the most glamorous clubs and restaurants, Downtown is what Dubai is famous for.

Whether you want to climb to the top of the Burj Khalifa, shop in the world's largest mall, or just see the spring show, all tourists come here before or Then. while traveling.

Although this area is the most expensive in the city, thanks to the introduction of relatively cheap accommodation, there are now more people who can afford it. stay here.

Why you should stay here:

If you also want to be close to important places like the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall like the the most exclusive clubs, the best restaurants and luxury boutiques, then you are in the right place. It is also relatively close to the historic center.

Not good if:

You have a limited budget or prefer to live closer to the old city. Marina Beach which is 23 km away.

The best area to stay in Dubai: the best central accommodation

  • The cheapest (hostel)  – The Lone Traveler: This is a kind of luxury hostel, and not just because of the incredible view of the city center skyline, but because all the buildings in the city center are like this. You will find that the dorms are not cheap, but they are still the cheapest you can find in this area.
  • Economy – Mövenpick Hotel Apartments: Residence hotel branch of the famous Mövenpick chain. As in the rest of the city, residences are always the cheapest solution. Those offered by Mövenpick are quite good and suitable for all types of travelers looking for good value for money. They also have good hotel services, such as excellent restaurants, swimming pool, gym, etc.
  • Averages: Rove Downtown: This hotel chain has hotels all over Dubai. and are famous for their stunning design that inspires true Western modernism, something not often seen in Dubai, as most good hotels try to preserve traditional Arabic design, of course, in a modern way. This hotel has a cinema and the location is unbeatable.

4 – Best area to stay in Dubai: Bur Dubai

WHERE TO STAY in DUBAI - Best Areas, Hotels, & Beaches

Bur Dubai is the heart of old Dubai.

Made up of narrow streets, royal bazaars and traditional architecture, Bur Dubai is the true soul of the City, a place inhabited for centuries.

This place is inhabited mainly by Indians (and has been since its creation), and is a place where finally you can experience the real culture.

If you want to choose which area to stay in Dubai based on price, Bur Dubai also offers the lowest prices, dear. when it comes to accommodation. It is also home to some of the most authentic and affordable Indian restaurants in the city.

You should stay here if:

It is the best area to stay in Dubai for people on a budget and who are more interested in traditional culture than luxury things.

Not good, yes:

There are no nice bars or really good restaurants except the very local ones. It is also far from the famous and extravagant landmarks of Dubai.

Best area to stay in Dubai: Best accommodation in Bur Dubai

  • The cheapest – Al Raien Hotel Apartment : ​​​​​​​​The cheapest hotel in Bur Dubai doesn't have the best reviews ever, but it's still pretty decent and at this price you will find win' I can't find anything better.
  • Better (but also cheaper) – Hotel Ambassador : It is a little more expensive than the previous one, but definitely better. Very simple but comfortable. The location is ideal and the staff will do their best to make your stay perfect.
  • Average (but also cheap) : Citymax Hotel Bur Dubai – A Mid Upscale option in Bur Dubai is like a budget option in the center. The Citymax Hotel is one of the most popular and booked hotels in the region. Modern facilities and great comfort.
  • Affordable luxury - Hotel Mövenpick : If it were in the marina, this hotel could go well beyond its limits, but in Bur Dubai it is it is very accessible and clear, it does not lose the quality of service that distinguishes Mövenpick.

5 – Where to stay in Dubai: Deira

AVANI DEIRA DUBAI HOTEL - Hotel Reviews, Photos, Rate Comparison -  Tripadvisor

This also applies to people on a limited budget. Best areas to stay in Dubai.

Deira is like an extension of the old city (Bur Dubai), but a little more modern. 

On the one hand it has the largest traditional souk, but on the other it is also a commercial district and was in fact the first commercial district in history. established in Dubai.

However, the neighborhood has a soul, which means you will find normal streets with normal shops and pedestrian areas and, as in Bur Dubai, it is also inhabited mainly by Indians.

However, Deira is modernizing and the government is building some very interesting things around it.

You should stay here if:

You're on a budget or want to be close to the airport. Furthermore, it would be a good alternative to Bur Dubai because many modern buildings have been built there, with many sophisticated restaurants and bars.

No. Well yes:

The proximity to the airport means you are far from everything else, including the beach and all the attractions, but however well connected by the subway.


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