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Before Visiting Global Village in Dubai: What You Need to Know

Before Visiting Global Village in Dubai: What You Need to Know

Dubai is home to some of the most beautiful architectural wonders in the world. However, a holiday in Dubai is not just about sightseeing. Indeed, the city's entertainment attractions are so many that it is impossible to get bored. Global Village is one of Dubai's most popular annual attractions. Combining festival and theme park on the outskirts of Dubai, it opens its doors every year between November and April and takes you on a virtual journey around the world with replicas of international architecture, cultural zones, food pavilions, shows, attractions, markets and much more even more. more more. Moreover. This is one of the best places to see if you visit Dubai in November, December, January, February, March or April, especially during the Dubai Shopping Festival.

 A guide at Global Village Dubai: what to do?

Global Village Dubai

Global Village Dubai 2023 - The Best Attraction Point

The Global Village Dubai, a multicultural and seasonal theme park, is open from October to April, i.e. in the winter periods. Months in which tourism in Dubai reaches its peak. Global Village Dubai was founded in 1997 but has seen incredible growth over the past two decades. Currently located in rural Dubai, it receives an influx of over 7 million visitors (locals, residents and tourists) every year. From entertainment to shopping and dining, Global Village Dubai promises a great time. Here's everything you need to know about one of Dubai's biggest events.

World Pavilions

global village dubai World Pavilions

One of the highlights of the Global Village are the pavilions you'll see here. The venue has approximately 25 pavilions representing nearly 78 countries around the world. You will enjoy visiting pavilions in countries such as United Arab Emirates, Japan, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Italy, France, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Russia, United States, Cambodia. and Vietnam to explore, etc. In these pavilions you can discover the art, culture, traditions and gastronomy of these different countries.



global village dubai Shopping

Global Village is one of the best places for shopping in Dubai. If you are in Dubai during the Dubai Shopping Festival, you will also benefit from incredible promotions and discounts. Browse the different pavilions and take home interesting items, from clothes to spices. Some of the best things you can buy from her include Arabic perfumes and ouds, African delicacies, Afghan and Indian dresses, Iranian saffron, Turkish sweets, silk dresses and many other interesting souvenirs.

Fun and adventure

Dubai Miracle Garden and Global Village Tour with Transfer 2023 - Viator

A variety of entertaining shows await you at Global Village Dubai. The venue hosts more than 40,000 concerts and live musical performances each year. Here you can witness the performances of some famous international artists, influential stars, famous groups and celebrities. In addition to dance and music performances, the Global Village also offers the opportunity to witness exciting acrobatics. Car stunts, bike stunts, stunt shows, etc. These are some of the interesting things you can see here. Furthermore, you can also witness amazing street performances here.

A big attraction here is Ripley's Believe it or Not! Museum. Famous American museum, you will find unique and strange exhibits. Explore the museum's six galleries and discover more than 300 artifacts, including real heads and skulls, handcrafted wooden Ferraris, and more. Discover the mirror maze with over 100 mirrors and LED lights.

Fun games and attractions

Full List of Rides at the Carnaval in Global Village | Dubai Travel Blog

Global Village Dubai has a separate area with fun arcade games and attractions. The carnival is called Carnaval and offers everything you would find at a fair and much more. Manila Mayhem, Transylvania Towers, Wheel of the World, Miami Surf, Mosca Max, etc. are some of the exciting attractions and experiences you can find here. Here's something fun and adventurous for kids and adults.



Where to eat at Global Village | Time Out Dubai

Yes If you If you are a foodie, you will definitely be in foodie heaven at Global Village Dubai. Food is undoubtedly the highlight of this incredible theme park. In each of the pavilions you will find foods from their respective countries. The place is filled with restaurants, cafes, food trucks and kiosks offering a variety of cuisines including Mediterranean, Lebanese, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, etc. To sample delicious street food, be sure to visit the floating market. Street of kiosks and the Indian Chaat bazaar.

Important information about Global Village Dubai

  • Mondays at Global Village Dubai are exclusively for women and families (except Mondays following autumn). ). ). holidays).
  • The park is open from Saturday to Wednesday from 4pm to midnight, and on Thursday and Friday from 4pm to 1am.
  • You can sign up easily. to the Global Village using public transport. Luxury buses are available from four metro stations (Rashidiya Metro Station, Union Metro Station, Al Ghubaiba Bus Station and Mall of Emirates Metro Station).
  • Departure from Global Village The best way to explore It is on foot. However, if you want a unique experience, opt for an electric tour of Abra.
  • If you want to witness incredible fireworks displays, visit the Global Village on Thursdays and Fridays.
  • When If you want to visit the Global Village with children, you can register for a free wristband at the entrance. It will be easier for the customer service team to contact you if your child accidentally leaves it.
  • It is extremely important to dress modestly when visiting the location.
  • Indoor roller skates are prohibited or skateboard. , Segways, scooters, bicycles, etc. You cannot bring your pets here.
  • Avoid public displays of affection.
  • Ask permission before filming on site.

Global Village Dubai captures the essence of Dubai and is a must-see if you visit Dubai between October and April. . This lively place will surely win your heart and make you want to visit more than once.

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