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Best Places To Go Scuba Diving In The Dubai

Best Places To Go Scuba Diving In The Dubai

Dubai is a they are one of the most popular tourist destinations today, and for good reason! Since the entire city is nothing but an artificial paradise, it is a place where concrete meets nature in symbiotic harmony. Dubai enjoys a reputation as a luxury holiday destination. People from all over the world choose this city as a destination for ceremonies, special occasions, holidays and much more. But delve deeper into the city's character, beyond luxury resorts and pristine beaches, and on Dubai's Gulf Coast, many attractions await to be explored.

Scuba Diving in Dubai is an unusual experience. For those who have practiced the sport before, this coastline offers something unique, unlike anything you have ever seen. With the constant development of Dubai, the nearby waters are quite murky. Add shallowness and currents and the visibility in these waters is even worse. But this works miraculously in your favor! Since most of the sites are wrecks, this nuance of the water gives the diving experience a new atmosphere that every explorer should try.


Marine areas for diving in Dubai in 2023

These scuba diving sites in Dubai are a great option for diving enthusiasts. The blue water, the colorful underwater world and the corals are a real treat for the eyes. Explore the ocean from a place known for its deserts.

1. Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai – Updated 2023 Prices

Jumeirah Beach, one of the best places for Scuba Diving in Dubai, offers beginners small spots to observe the lively aquatic life of the Gulf, as well as some shipwrecks where experienced explorers can swim. Since it is also one of the busiest beaches, several agencies offer equipment and also professional advice.

2. Sharm Rock

Sharm Rocks, Fujairah: Dive sites in the UAE and Oman | OutdoorUAE

Sharm Rock, one of the two most spectacular natural aquariums on the Dubai coast, is a vision of pink and purple. Since there is a wide variety of corals, fish species are also interesting to observe, especially for beginners.

3. Martini Rock

Where is the best diving in Dubai and the UAE?

The other natural aquarium is Martini Rock. This dive site is a must for diving in Dubai as it is home to the most vibrant aquatic wildlife in the region and is therefore one of the most successful dive sites. So, if you want to get lost in the blue waters, you are in the right place.

4. Dubai World Islands

The World Islands | Dubai-Property.Investments

The Dubai World Islands, one of the newest dive sites on the west coast, are made up of a group of artificial islands that are now home to small colonies of marine flora and fauna. The surrounding areas have been well maintained to encourage growth and it is said to soon become one of the best Scuba Diving in UAE.


6 Wreckage Sites For Scuba Diving In Dubai

These dive sites are the best solution for you if you are one of those people who likes to have a little more of everything. Shipwreck sites offer divers the strangest experiences. Discover how nature embraces all it has to offer, whether it's a damaged boat.

1. Zainab

Dubai Underwater Theme Park - DIVER magazine

Zainab is undoubtedly one of the most famous Scuba dive sites in Dubai and is famous for one of the largest oil spills in this region, accompanied by strong waves. against which the ship could not fight. He discovered the bed in 2001 and over time it has become a welcoming home for all kinds of marine animals, such as yellow-tailed barracudas. Since the dive site is quite large, people often do a few dives to fully explore it. It is recommended to visit this site with professionals.

2. Mariam Express

Dubai Scuba Diving Sites to Explore in 2023

Mariam Express was a ferry that was submerged in turbulent waters in 2006 and was traveling from the United Arab Emirates to Iraq and back. The main cause of the accident was strong currents, but the ferry was also overloaded. Today, its cargo serves as a spectacular wreck dive site in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is found at a depth of between 18 and 25 meters. Marine life that can be observed here includes a variety of nudibranchs and flatworms, as well as spotted eagles, torpedoes and yellow-tailed barracudas. A perfect place to discover the best scuba diving in Dubai.

3. MV Ludwig

Best spots for scuba diving in Dubai - Mala Tourism

One of the best preserved shipwrecks off the coast of Dubai is the MV Ludwig. This near-perfect boat fell into the water while lying on its port side during training. Today it serves as a refuge for fish species such as damselflies, sea squirts, giant fish and much more.

4. MV Dara

Six decades on, MV Dara's bombing off Dubai remains an enduring horror |  Arab News

The MV Dara lies at a depth of between 5 and 17 meters and is a passenger ship that sank in 1961. 238 people died at the time. She not only serves as a monument that tells this story, but she is also one of the few ships to have suffered terrible peacetime accidents. For this reason you are often compared to the Titanic. Without this note the list of dive sites in Dubai would be incomplete.

5. MV Victoria Star

Best spots for scuba diving in Dubai - Mala Tourism

MV Victoria Star is often considered the best diving experience in Dubai and also one of the best dive sites in the UAE. She sank in 2013, making it one of the most recent shipwrecks to occur on this side of the coast. The currents here are moderate and tourists, especially beginners, are advised to visit this place with a professional guide. It lies at a depth of between 14 and 23 meters and experienced divers can dive multiple times to explore the wreck in its entirety.

6. Cement Barge

Scuba Diving In Dubai: Explore These 11 Underwater Locations In 2023

One of the most famous dive sites in Dubai is Cement Barge. The depth here varies between 5 and 20 metres, making it perfect for beginners who want to try their hand at diving. Plus, snorkeling and night diving are also available here! If you like diving holidays, don't miss this page.

7. Sheikh Mohammad’s Barge

Spectacular Scuba Diving Spots in Dubai

Many locations have been created by intentionally sinking ships and barges to encourage the growth of coral and other marine life off the coast of Dubai. . The DB1/Sheikh Mohammad barge is one of them. It is 60 to 75 feet deep in the Gulf and requires at least two dives to explore it all. Indeed, the coral growth has made this place beautiful and offers the best scuba diving in Dubai experience.


Useful Tips For Scuba Diving In Dubai

When planning your adventure holiday in Dubai, here are some useful tips that will help you have a wonderful experience in Bali:

  • Make sure you have a valid diving certificate from an approved dive centre.
  • Make sure the weather conditions are perfect for diving.
  • Walking Do not enter the area alone. Waterfall. Make sure you have a trained friend with you in case something goes wrong.
  • Keep labels underwater and do not touch or get too close to marine animals.
  • Follow instructions correctly.
  • Once underwater, pay attention to your position and don't swim too far from the reef.
  • Before diving, make sure all safety equipment is working properly.
  • Do not lose your temper under any circumstances and always remain calm. Try to relax and enjoy the immersion.
  • Don't go out of your comfort zone to try something new. You can't control everything underwater.



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