Home Things To Do Top 10 Amazing Dubai Desert Adventures You Have To Try Once

Top 10 Amazing Dubai Desert Adventures You Have To Try Once

Top 10 Amazing Dubai Desert Adventures You Have To Try Once

Dubai: the capital of the United Arab Emirates is rightly considered the most luxurious city in the Persian Gulf. It offers a brilliant skyline, exotic nightlife and incredibly rich experiences, but what stands out above the rest is a desert safari in Dubai.

Exciting day and night experiences in the Great Arabian Desert include game drives, wildlife viewing in a Land Rover and an afternoon of desert fun. an Arabian tent, accompanied by the majesty of nature.

If you intend to spend a day in the great Arabian desert, there are many activities and options for a romantic stay in the heart of the desert to make your stay unforgettable. Choose the best attractions of your desert safari in Dubai and experience them to the fullest!

What makes a safari an unforgettable experience in the desert in Dubai?

The vastness of the Arabian Desert, rich experiences among the sand dunes and a variety of exciting activities every day make a desert safari in Dubai a unique experience. Choose from a variety of photography tours, a desert safari experience, an adventure night safari and an unforgettable night in the cold desert, all lit up in blue.

Adorned with adventure With rides, Arabic music and sumptuous cuisine, the Dubai Night Safari offers the best of the Arabian Nights and is definitely worth the trip.

Bright and beautiful In colorful mornings and evenings, Dubai Desert Safari offers a variety of activities. Let's discuss how to make the most of a day in the Great Arabian Desert!

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1. Sunrise – Catch the sun rising from the dunes

Sunrise in Dubai Desert | Dune Bashing | Camel Farm visit | Marriott

The Great Arabian Desert is exactly where you should be at dawn, when the sun is brightest and appears strongest near the horizon. Observe the golden beauty and appreciate its wonders. The morning is definitely the most photogenic sight you will see in the desert.

2. Dune bashing – Go exploring the Arabian desert

Dune Bashing Dubai 2022 - All You Need to Know

A morning jeep safari in a 4×4 SUV in the middle of the vast Arabian desert and amidst gusts of wind and sand is an exciting activity of the best desert safari in Dubai. Typically, the jeep will pick you up at the camp and take you on an exciting ride that lasts about 30 minutes.

3. Camel safari – Take a beautiful ride in the desert

I Found The Most Ethical, Luxurious & Best Desert Safari in Dubai

Camel safari is usually a morning desert safari in Dubai that takes you on a memorable 45 minute ride. Visit the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve by traveling aboard a camel train and exploring the desert wildlife. The falcon exhibit is another attraction of the desert camel safari, where travelers stroll and take photos with the beautiful bird.

4. Sand ski – Experience the thrill of a race on the desert sand

Complete Your UAE Trip With A Short Visit To Dubai Desert Safari! - Blog

The perfect beach in Dubai offers sand skiing, an adventurous and exciting sport. There are some dunes reaching 200-300 meters high, ideal for sand skiing. Feel the sand under your skis as you it Scroll quickly It's the greatest fun in the desert!

5. Quad biking – Ride like a pro

2-Hour Quad Biking Tour From Dubai 2023 - Viator

Driving a quad bike through the Arabian desert is one of the most exciting activities to do during a Dubai desert safari. Navigate curves and explore the desert like a pro. The quad bike is perfect for adventure lovers while visiting Dubai.

6. Hot air ballooning – Momentous ride over the Arabian desert

Dubai: Hot Air Balloon Ride Over the Desert | GetYourGuide

The hot air balloon safari offers a perfect 360-degree view of the vast Arabian desert. The hot air balloon, with a capacity of 24 people at a time, provides an adrenaline rush as it rises into the air and offers spectacular views. In the area it is possible to observe desert wildlife, mainly composed of animals such as gazelles and camels.

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7. Sunset – Capture the best of the setting Sun

Sunset – Capture the best of the setting Sun

Sunset in the Dubai desert is just as enchanting, if not less so, than the rising sun. The orange hue that the sun emits as it disappears behind one of these dunes is truly a sight to behold. Drive a Range Rover on one of the dunes and enjoy the moments while it looks huge in the background. It's the perfect time for a candid photo!

8. Happening night – Enjoy a night of activities!

37 Places To Visit In Dubai At Night In 2023: Top Attractions & Sightseeing!

With beach With entertainment and activities including stilt dancing, fire breathing, spinning and exotic belly dancing, there's no better night out than tonight. Set up your extravagance tent and appreciate invigorating minutes with your loved ones. Spend the night under the stars near your tent and experience a Dubai desert safari with barbecues, bonfires and celebrations.

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9. Buffet dinner – Savour the best of Arabic food; dinner and BBQ session!

Dubai Desert Safari With Buffet Dinner 2023, 44% OFF

The kitchen of Dubai is known for its delicious tastes and flavours! Buffets served during the Dubai Desert Safari include green kebabs, hummus and a variety of interesting Iranian and Lebanese dishes. Belly dance and dinner music create the typical atmosphere of an Arabian night!

10. Overnight safari – Late night dune bashing and stargazing

Private Night Vintage Land Rover Desert Safari & Astronomy with Dubai  transfers | Marriott

Dune safari, desert safari and stargazing are the highlights of the best overnight desert safari In Dubai. Nights are often windy and cold, which is when you can hop in the Range Rover and take a romantic ride with your partner.

Visit with full itinerary Drive It le dunes and enjoy the best of the Arabian desert in the dead of night. Camping and breakfast are the most popular combinations offered during an overnight desert safari in Dubai.

Ideal desert safari camps in Dubai

The desert safari experience is enriched by wonderful accommodation options in the heart of the desert. These farms offer overnight camps, music, dancing and good food. Plan a trip soon!


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