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The Green Planet (Dubai) - All You Need to Know

The Green Planet (Dubai) - All You Need to Know

Green Planet Dubai is a unique attraction in this Middle Eastern country. Dubai Green Planet is nothing but an indoor rainforest installation. This interior rainforest can be explored and enjoyed in the Arabian deserts and is open to visitors. The green planet of Dubai is based on the innovative and unusual Bio-Dôme concept. This concept brings new life to the Middle East ecosystem and brings visitors closer to nature through vertical gardens and life-sustaining tree ecosystems.

The green planet has arrived. This has attracted the attention of many scientists and biologists who want to know more and further explore this type of ecosystem. This has also piqued the interest of the locals as they are not used to exploring and experiencing this aspect of nature.

Now let's look at some special features. It has the most interesting features at the Green Planet Dubai.

Highlights of the Green Planet Dubai

The Green Planet Resort

The Green Planet in Dubai – An Indoor Rainforest on the Arabian Desert

The Green Planet The The planetary complex itself is one of the most interesting features of the Inner Jungle. In this inland jungle, around 3,000 banana trees, birds and animals live freely and enjoy the vegetation. One of the highlights of the complex is that in the center there is a huge 25 meter high artificial tree, which symbolizes a life tree.

The green planet The Dubai Bio-Dome has a total of four levels. They are the flooded forest, the mezzanine, the forest floor and the canopy. Each of these levels illustrates the importance of a rainforest and the importance of its role in nature. Each of the animals on Planeta Verde comes from private zoos and farms. None of the animals were captured in the wild for the park.

Within the complex each animal has its own space where it can move freely. The different plants of Planeta Verde have been selected so that they support each other safely.

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Indoor Rainforest Diversification

The Green Planet - an indoor tropical rain forest in the desert

More than a thousand species of animals live on the green planet Dubai. Animals include parrots, various reptiles, porcupines, snakes, arachnids, sloths and numerous species of fish. When you explore the place, you don't have to worry about the animals, as they are on the other side of a glass box. Spectators can walk, explore in peace and enjoy the animals.

Canopy is the highest point of the rainforest from where you can observe birds flying close to the Dome. There are a variety of birds in the Gree Planet area, including toucans and macaws. The flooded forest is the lowest level of the inland rainforest and hosts an aquarium representing the complex ecosystem of underwater life. Visitors can also observe frogs, lizards and snakes from a safe distance.

The different levels of the interior tropical forest offer a broad panorama of the predominant flora and fauna. in such an ecosystem. Green Planet in Dubai is a great opportunity for families to experience and escape the desert heat.

Variety of Tropical birds

Photos: Gulf News reader shares pictures of the exotic birds and animals in  the Green Planet, Dubai

The tropical birds of Green Planet in Dubai are one of the best reasons to visit this place, especially with families and children. One of the joys of this place is watching the birds fly through the dome and sing happily from branch to branch in the different pavilions. The bright colors of the tropical birds create beautiful graffiti in the air as they fly.

It is also a popular place for photographers and bird watchers. because it is rare to get close to these species of birds and animals. When you visit Green Planet in Dubai, don't forget to bring your camera and click some Instagram-worthy photos.

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Experience the animals up close

Four wildlife mascots arrive at The Green Planet Dubai

Green Planet in Dubai is one of the best ways to get up close and personal with different animals. This is possible thanks to the different selected experiences that the indoor jungle offers.

One of the most interesting activities is the meeting with the sloth that takes place in the park. Here you can learn more about sloths, their environment and habitat. You can also take a selfie with sloths during this activity. This activity costs AED 150 per person and is a 30 minute experience.

Similarly, there is also an activity called Sugar Glider Encounter. Sugar gliders are small marsupials capable of flight. They belong to the same family as squirrels. This activity is like a meeting with laziness and lasts about 30 minutes. At the end of the activity you can also take a selfie with the sugar glider. This is one of the most interesting things to do in Dubai.

In addition to these experiences, Green Planet Dubai is also committed to raising public awareness about these animals. As you pass along the slope, you may find representatives carrying a reptile or animal and singing facts and anecdotes about these animals and their lives. You can also interact with and even touch large centipedes and other similar animals. It will definitely be an experience for anyone who wants to visit the place.

Award-winning infrastructure and education

Green Planet | TheSustainabilist

The architecture of the building deserves a special mention. In a place where the temperature can reach 50 degrees Celsius, it is an engineering feat to build the structure taking into account the safety of the plants and the amount of sunlight required. Green Planet in Dubai is also an award-winning park for children's education and entertainment and one of the educational centers where you can learn about this special ecosystem.

Green Planet is a must-see if you visit Dubai with children, families or if you are interested in the planet and its ecosystems. Get in touch with the destination experts at Pickyourtrail to customize a Dubai tour package according to your plan.





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