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Advice for Lone Women Travellers in Dubai

Advice for Lone Women Travellers in Dubai

When planning to explore a new city or country, every tourist has questions and concerns in mind. And when it comes to exploring Dubai, there are many unspoken rules for female tourists that everyone should follow.

Are you a single woman traveling and planning to visit Dubai for tours? If so, there are probably many questions that come to mind regarding the current rules and regulations.

The first question we would like to clarify is: is Dubai a place Safe? place. city. a city for tourists. It is among the ten safest countries for solo female travelers, making it a fantastic option for your trip. Rest assured that you can travel anywhere in Dubai without any hassles. However, it is important to note that although Dubai is generally safe, it is still advisable to follow the rules for female tourists when visiting.

So let's talk about some important and unspoken rules that every woman, especially tourists, should follow while in Dubai.

Don't dress inappropriately

Dress code: The long and short of it | Uae – Gulf News

You need to be very careful and selective when it comes to clothes in Dubai. It is very important that all women here respect the dress code in public places such as markets, shopping malls, places of worship or theaters, etc. Although Dubai is a modern Middle Eastern city that reflects Western culture, it is very important to note that short, tight and revealing clothing is not allowed here. Therefore, in Dubai we recommend that you choose loose, comfortable clothing that will not only ensure you comply with local regulations, but will also help you stay comfortable in Dubai's hot climate.

When packing, be sure to pack loose, modest clothing that covers your arms, legs and chest. This approach will help you avoid unwanted attention, avoid fines for wearing indecent clothing in public spaces, and ensure your overall comfort while exploring the city.

Only use public or safe transport

We highly recommend using the Dubai Metro train to transport your needs in Dubai as it is exceptionally safe , clean and clean is comfort. An additional advantage is the presence of a special car for women and children, which ensures an additional level of comfort and safety.

Navigating the Dubai Metro is very simple because simple It was designed to be easy to use. The subway map contains English text so you can easily understand and plan your trips effectively. Additionally, each station is equipped with customer service desks where friendly staff are available to assist you and resolve any questions or concerns you may have.

Although the Dubai Metro fully covers major destinations such as the famous Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa, there may be times when you will have to rely on taxis to get to places outside of the metro lines. Luckily in Dubai there are “women only” taxis, which stand out for their pink roofs. These taxis are a great option if you prefer the convenience of traveling with a female driver and want more safety during your transportation experience.

What you need to know: Safe location and places to avoid

When traveling to Dubai, it is important to familiarize yourself with the areas to visit and those to avoid. Like any city, Dubai has safer neighborhoods and areas that need more attention.


Safest places in Dubai

Jumeirah Beach:

Jumeirah Beach is an extremely popular attraction, known for its stunning 18 kilometers of pristine coastline. It is an ideal vacation spot. However, one must be careful of pickpockets because tourists are the main target and women traveling alone are an easy target for these pickpockets. Therefore, never leave your valuables unattended anywhere in Dubai, even for a brief moment.

Motor City:

Dubai residents have rated Motor City as one of the safest areas to live. Its reputation for safety makes it a popular area among residents. Other neighborhoods highly rated for safety include The Greens, Emirates Living, Oud Metha, Jumeirah, Umm Suqeim, Discovery Gardens, Silicon Oasis and Dubai Sports City.

Mall of the Emirates:

For a safe and virtually crime-free shopping experience, the Mall of The Emirates on Sheikh Zayed Road is a recommended destination. This mall is known for its indoor ski slopes and offers a safe environment for visitors. Dubai's Old City and the Green Planet, a dome-shaped tropical ecosystem, are also popular attractions that are strictly monitored and protected, resulting in minimal crime incidents.

Knowing these safest areas in Dubai will help you make informed decisions about where to visit and enjoy your time in peace.


Place to avoid


It is recommended to visit Sonapur, a labor camp for migrant workers, to avoid staying on the outskirts of Dubai. This region is home to many South Asian workers who suffer from extreme heat and exploitative conditions similar to modern slavery. While Sonapur's widespread extreme poverty deserves attention, it makes it a dangerous place for tourists.

Also, it is recommended to be vigilant in the neighborhood. from Deira and Bur Dubai. These areas of Dubai are famous for their small hotels and alleyways known for illegal activities and prostitution. Therefore, if you are traveling alone, avoid visiting these areas, even in broad daylight.

Sexual relations outside of marriage are a crime.

Sexual relations outside of marriage are a crime in dubai

If you are in Dubai, this is very punishable. Important: Remember that any sexual activity outside of marriage is a serious crime. And this rule applies not only to visitors and foreigners, but also to locals. As an example, we would like to cite a real-life incident: a few years ago, an unmarried couple found themselves behind bars after the women reported to the police a sexual assault committed by a hotel employee.

During investigation, the police found that the couple was not married and shared a room. As a result, both were arrested for intimate activities, and the hotel employee was not charged with rape, but with the crime of sexual activity outside of marriage.


There are no rights for the LGBTQ community if you are lesbian or trans, you we recommend avoiding visiting Dubai or the Middle East. Cross-dressing in public is illegal and transgender travelers may face difficulties processing official documents.

In general, lesbian travelers sharing a hotel room are unlikely to have any problems unless they reveal their sexual orientation. It is important to know and consider local laws and cultural norms relating to LGBT+ rights during your stay in Dubai.


No PDA Dubai

Public displays of affection are not permitted in Dubai and other parts of the United Arab Emirates. It's not just about kisses and hugs, in Dubai you can't even hold hands with the opposite sex. If you do this in public places, you will face serious consequences. As proof, we can read the case of Charlotte Lewis, a 25-year-old from Palmers Green, London. In 2010, she was sentenced to a month in prison for allegedly publicly kissing and caressing the back of Ayman Najafi, a British marketing executive based in Dubai.

Never accept drinks from strangers

It is very important to note that you should never accept drinks or other consumables from foreigners. We also advise you not to leave your drink unattended. There have been several incidents in Dubai where criminals have spiked drinks by adding drugs or strong alcohol to commit crimes such as sexual assault, robbery or kidnapping. We would like to remind you once again that Dubai authorities do not consider reports of sexual assaults against women to be a harsh reality. Worryingly, there are numerous reports that those who have reported incidents of rape in Dubai face arrest and imprisonment over allegations of extramarital sex.

This point is particularly aimed at travelers coming from Western countries or cold areas, as they are not exposed to heat and are used for direct exposure to the sun. . That's why we recommend carrying the best sun protection in your backpack. If you plan to travel here between May and September, be prepared for temperatures of 122° Fahrenheit on those days. Try to stay out of direct sunlight, drink plenty of water, and always wear sunglasses and a hat. Otherwise there is a risk of heat stroke or exhaustion.


Know the emergency numbers

Although the crime rate in Dubai is very low due to strict rules and regulations, we recommend that you have some emergency numbers emergency. . This advice applies not only to Dubai but to the whole world. Below are some important emergency numbers in Dubai that you should have at hand:

  • Ambulance and air ambulance: dial 999
  • Police: dial 999
  • Fire brigade: call 997
  • Emergency services: call 04 223 2323
  • Tourist security: call 800 4888

The availability of these numbers can be invaluable in an emergency, as it ensures a rapid response from the competent authorities in the event of an emergency.

Watch your eyes Contact with foreigners

We don't blame the people of Dubai, although most of the population of Dubai it is friendly to strangers and will not harm them. The problem, however, is that they still don't know the concept of a woman traveling alone.

If someone looks at you in Dubai, they actually want to know who you are and why (in most cases) you are walking alone. Typically, men in Dubai quickly look away when making eye contact, indicating their harmless intentions. But very rarely, if someone tries to maintain eye contact, you should be careful and leave the area immediately. For this reason we recommend avoiding eye contact with strangers in Dubai. Remember that prevention is better than cure.

Don't use your left hand

In Muslim culture and most Asian countries, the practice of using your left hand may seem strange. The left hand is traditionally associated with personal hygiene and is considered unclean. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to avoid shaking hands or greeting others with your left hand. Eating with your left hand is also considered inappropriate in some circles.

Be very aware of this cultural norm in Dubai, demonstrate respect for the customs and traditions of Muslim culture, especially in terms of personal and social hygiene. interactions go. .

Do not use vulgar language

It is very important to adopt a respectful attitude and appropriate behavior . The language, both in Dubai and in the Middle East. The use of foul language, especially by a woman, is considered extremely offensive and carries serious consequences. It is common for foreign travelers to get in trouble for using foul language in public places, especially in the presence of undercover police officers.

To ensure an attitude positive and confident when traveling it is advisable to always speak politely and pay attention to your words. By respecting the local culture and following rules and regulations, you can avoid unnecessary situations and create a comfortable environment for you and your companions.


If you are a woman traveler, especially if you travel alone, many questions or dilemmas come to mind. It is extremely important that everyone in Dubai follows the rules and regulations and avoids unpleasant conditions. By following these unspoken rules, respecting local cultures, rules and regulations, and exhibiting polite behavior, you will have a safe and pleasant experience during your visit to Dubai.


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