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Best Kebab Spot In Dubai In April 2024

Best Kebab Spot In Dubai In April 2024

Dubai is a favorite destination for foodies thanks to its ever-expanding offering of international cuisine. Kebab is a very popular dish in South Asian and Middle Eastern countries that can be prepared in several ways. With several restaurants in the UAE specializing in this delicious meat dish, from Persian to Bosnian, Top Spots Dubai lists the 10 best kebabs in Dubai.

1. Bosnian House - Jumeirah and Boxpark

Bosnian House Restaurant(Restaurants & Bars) in Umm Suqeim 2, Dubai -  HiDubai

Kebab is considered the most popular dish in Bosnian cuisine, which makes Bosnian House the ideal choice for this dish. The skewers are served chopped with fresh somun (Bosnian bread), onion, sour cream and ajvar sauce, a red pepper and eggplant sauce typical of Bosnia and the Balkans. The entire team, from the waiters to the founders, are originally from Bosnia and offer a real immersion in Bosnian culture!

2. Gunaydin – Souk Al Bahar

Gunaydin is an international restaurant with 40 locations worldwide. The Turkish steakhouse is known for its high-quality meat dishes and Istanbul butcher tradition. This place offers a unique kebab experience with dishes ranging from Turkish kebabs to grilled lamb chops. Stay for dessert and enjoy the view of the Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa from here.

3. Zor – La Pointe

Zor offers guests a traditional Uzbek dining experience with a modern twist. Discover a kebab with a Central Asian twist and dishes like grilled meats. Enjoy views of Palm Jumeirah and Pointe from the terrace and head to the lounge for a lively after-dinner drink.


4. Rivas - The Mall Jumeirah

A casual Iranian restaurant in a shopping mall offering a selection of Persian specialities, including kebabs. Dine in a welcoming atmosphere and savor the flavors of homemade Iranian cuisine. By dining at Rivas, you can enjoy the view of Burj Al Arab.

5. Iraqi Kebab Restaurant Erbil – Jumeirah

An Iraqi restaurant hidden in the quiet neighborhood of Jumeirah. This restaurant has been present in the UAE since 1973, making it one of the oldest in the city! Choose from a wide selection of grilled meats or try the Masgoof Corner (Masgouf is made with spicy grilled carp and is often considered the national dish of Iraq).

6 . Bursa Kebab Evi – City Tour

Bursa Kebap Evi Bamboo Avm, Nazilli / Aydın - Foto van Bursa Kebap Evi,  Nazilli - Tripadvisor

This place calls itself “the best Bursa Kebab in the Middle East”. Combining the flavors of Bursa and Anatolian culture, the restaurant offers its version of the ever-popular Turkish dish: Kebap Iskender. When you're done eating, leave your kebab handy and explore the City Walk shopping and entertainment district.

7. Iran Zamin: Downtown Dubai and Marina

Go to Iran Zamin for a Persian cured meat kebab. The restaurant is a staple in Dubai and has been around for almost 20 years. This restaurant dedicates its own section to meat and kebab specialities. Try dishes like beef fillet marinated in pomegranate paste with chopped walnuts, herbs and saffron rice. With outdoor seating, Iran Zamin is the ideal place to enjoy the UAE's winter weather.

8. Wafi Gourmet: Wafi Mall, Dubai Mall and Sunset Mall

Wafi Gourmet brings the luxurious flavors of the Levant to the United Arab Emirates. As the name suggests, choose gourmet ingredients. Taste Lebanese specialties as well as Egyptian, Moroccan and Iranian dishes. We recommend the Antabli Kebab and the Tagine Barkook (lamb with spices and sweet sesame). When you're done eating, stroll through Wafi Gourmet's mini souk to purchase special ingredientsGifts.


9. Farsi Restaurant - Business Bay and JLT

Kebab is a staple of Persian cuisine, which means Iranian restaurants like Farsi are some of the best places to try it . . Court in the city. Dine on tasty mezze-style dishes such as boneless torsh kebab or joojeh kabab.

10. Al Safadi Restaurant – Umm Al Sheif, Sheikh Zayed Road and The Pointe

A relaxed, family-friendly Lebanese restaurant. Its simple formula and the quality of its homemade dishes have led Al Safadi to open several restaurants around the city. Visitors can enjoy fresh on-site bread and shared dishes such as hot and cold mezze. Choose one of the generous meat dishes or a spicy kebab.

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